Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sweet, Sweet Jesus

I think I'm a pretty sexual girl and not afraid of trying new things or being 'disgusted' or 'grossed out' by some things that people might think are 'weird' or 'different'. I'm all about the masturbation and I embrace my sexuality like it was my lifeline to this world. I love erotic art and erotic fiction and I think the sex in Second Life is fantabulous.

All in all, I enjoy sex, I enjoy doing different things and learning about different things. I think that even if a certain aspect of sex isn't your 'thing' there's no reason not to at least respect that some other people have an interest in it and maybe try to understand.

I've read a lot of erotic fiction, and I have watched a *lot* of porn. I love it and sometimes I can't get enough. In my porn watching, I have always been completely fascinated with women that were able to ejaculate, because it was never something I had experienced. I loved watching them, and seeing that release and the look in their faces. I loved the physicality of that gushing liquid and seeing those juices pooled up around them. I wanted that.. if only once, just to experience what that must be like.

I spent years reading about it, watching videos, studying the technique, learning how to accomplish this amazing feat. As the months passed, I became more and more frustrated that my g-spot was not cooperating with me and although I could get wetter than the amazon, I was never able to squirt my own come across the room. I tried and I tried. I did exactly what those books, articles, and advice columns said to do - but no go.

Until today. Today, during a routine and typical masturbatory session, as I neared the point of orgasm, my beautiful, cooperative g-spot loved me like it has never loved me before, and for the first time, Ms. Pixel Bailey gushed her gorgeous juices all over the place. I was so shocked that this had finally happened for me that I laid there on the floor, laughing and laughing, so amazingly proud of myself that I could hardly stand it. After basking in the glow for a few minutes, I collected myself, cleaned up and sighed a very happy sigh.

After about 20 minutes, I started thinking that perhaps this new talent was a one-time deal. A fluke. Never to happen again. I started to worry. I decided that I should probably give it another 'go' just to see - to make sure.

It wasn't a fluke, and Pixel Bailey is a new woman.


Sexstination #14 - House of V

Upon recommendation, I went and visited the House of V today. The jury's still out for me - I can't decide how I feel about this place.

It's really large.. a whole sim, and it's interesting, and different. There are different 'areas' and I like that. There's a large shopping area, a big castle-looking club where I saw people dancing and engaging in BDSM activities. There are also other smaller 'outbuildings' with many rooms and private sex spots which is nice. Another interesting thing is the giant maze they've built with the optional 'prey' and 'predator' armbands you can wear.

All that said, I'm still feeling a little 'eh' about it. Maybe it's that everything didn't all seem to flow into a cohesive 'theme' for me. We had the shopping area, the maze, the castle looking thing, a big 'gothic house' and then these smaller outbuildings. There were also some other larger looking buildings off to the size that looked like some cross between "I Dream of Jeannie" and some science-fiction town.

I think the idea is great, but it seemed a little surreal for me to watch women on their knees in a BDSM pose right beside some couple doing the 'hot salsa'. I'd like to see it more all in theme.

All in all, decent job.. and my new rating system... we'll give House of V:
XXx (2 and a 1/2)


my newest girl crush

I've fallen in love, my lovelies. Her name is Ashley Blue and she's DIRTY, DIRTY, DIRTY. I love that. She's not scared of posting naked photos of herself, she's not scared of talking about her personal life, and damnit she's not scared of chugging mouthfuls of Dave's piss.

Frankly I'm tired of the notion that being sexual is bad, or that if you're a sexual person and not afraid to admit it that you're a 'whore' or somehow not as good as everyone else. I'm tired of people looking down on people that are sexy, sexual and just want to do something that feels amazingly freaking good.

Meet my new girlfriend, Ashley.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Who needs a 'nerd auction' when you have SL?

From CNN today, students in a computer club at Washington State University are planning to auction off their computer skills for 'makeover' help and hopefully a date with a lovely sorority girl.

Listen up nerds... do not ever, EVER change yourself or have a 'makeover' in the hopes that you MIGHT get to date a sorority girl. What are you thinking? *smack upside the head*

Instead my lovely geeky friends, get yourself an account in Second Life, jazz up that avatar and make him *HOT*.. then start marketing your amazing computer skills (girls love guys with skills, even if they aren't bow-hunting skills) and then just watch the girls come your way.

You do not need to change, you do not need a makeover, and you do NOT need a date with a sorority girl to make you feel better about yourselves. Nerdy is beautiful, embrace it.

King (or is that Queen) of the World

Seems the "King of the World" game in China has banned all accounts of men playing as female characters and now requires players to "validate" their gender via webcam in order to play a female, according to an article posted at boingboing.

God, where do I begin.

I'd guess they'd need to see more than just your face to do this. Would breasts be enough? Would they need to be clothed or naked? Would they require 'genital' validation via webcam, and if so.. how are they proving that you are still who you say you are? Flash your photo ID and then drop your pants all in the same frame? No idea. This is wack.

And.. AND.. why only females? Is it ok for women to portray a man in the game? Does he/she need to provide proof that he really is a male?

I think the gamers just want to see how easily they can get the girls to get naked.

I propose that all the women playing the game simply choose to be a male character and then engage in sexual behavior with all the other men in-game. Maybe you can bond together and wear something in-game to identify you as a female without the knowledge of the game creators. FIND A WORK-AROUND PEOPLE. Don't let those idiots FORCE you into proving you're a female! Tell them to kiss your ass and then turn the tables.

Suck my virtual dick, assholes.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Do *you* think it's real?

I've had some people ask me recently if I think that sex in Second Life (or anywhere else that's considered an 'online' environment - chatrooms, etc) is "real". My emphatic answer was immediately 'yes', but now I'm wondering how other people feel.

My 'online' days started years and years and years ago on IRC (DALnet, woo!) in one little chatroom and let me assure you, there was a lot of sex going on there as well. Second Life is not the first time people have had sex online, despite what some articles may have you think (oooo, people are being unfaithful online! It's the devil himself at work!). Second Life brings a 'visual' to it, that's for sure, but the underlying effect is still the same.

I am personally not the kind of person that can separate their online and offline lives. One is part of the other for me, and I also truly believe that my online identity helped shape the person I've become and also gave me the strength to make some amazingly powerful changes in my life. I've met dozens and dozes of 'online' friends in offline meetings, parties, and get-togethers and every single time I've been amazed at how perfectly at ease I've felt with the person when meeting them for the first time in the 'physical' world. You get to know someone online in very different ways than if you met that person offline. It's as though online environments are some sort of microscope into a person's psyche and it's truly amazing (and in my mind, incredibly fantastic) that you can know so much about a person just from watching the mannerisms of their avatar, their punctuation, or their grammar.

I've met people recently that think it's just 'incredibly interesting' that I meet people offline that I met initially online when to me.. this is just part of who I am and what I've done for years. For the life of me I can't grasp why it's so fascinating or 'weird' to people. With all the ways to meet people online these days- IRC, Second Life, message boards, forums, chatrooms, and God knows how many websites are now dedicated to hooking people up - why is it still so 'weird' to some people?

What about you? Are you the kind of person that can separate your online and offline lives? Have you met people in person that you met online first? Have you felt that incredibly strong connection with someone you've just recently met online? Have you taken online sex into the 'real world'? Or are you one of those people that just think it's 'weird'?


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Turned on by a fortune cookie....

Had some lovely Chinese food for lunch today and when the meal was over and our fortunes delivered, one of the fortunes at our table was as follows:

"Coming afternoon there will be an important meeting in the south."

That's a erotic fortune right there. Not only is that some sort of mysterious way of saying 'someone's getting sex later today' but.. the delivery mechanism itself (the cookie) is an incredibly 'labial' creation as well.

I need to have Chinese food for lunch more often.


let's hear some sexy pirate talk today, people!

Today's "Talk like a Pirate Day" so when you're out there having sex, roleplaying, or just having fun, bring some 'pirate' into it and let's walk some planks!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Product Review - Guest Post!

One of my loyal readers emailed me with some incredibly detailed and in my mind, pretty freaking impressive, product reviews of sex beds/rugs/etc in Second Life. With her permission, I'm posting her reviews here, in their entirety.

Product review by Tatiana Lytton:
Chantal's - the ones everyone gets in their rental apartments. Feh. Uninspired. By current standards of animation, very lacking. Even the newer models, at about 4500L, with the horrible porny built-in sounds are feh, with unimpressive animations. No experience with customer service.

Devpose. Much better. Limited numbers of animations, and position adjustment stinks, but miles ahead of Chantal. Customer service is spotty, but helpful, when you can get hold of them. Their distinct bias towards BDSM can be off-putting, but the vanilla version at 1900L is lovely as a first sl bed.

Neva Naughty - pretty good! The attachable sexx drive is rather a bomb, and not worth the huge price, but the snuggles are good, and the love poses are nice, if not the most engaging. They replaced a lost, and rather expensive item very readily when it vanished during the "don't rez things" bug period. I bought a hammock with most of their nicest stuff built in recently for 900L. Recommended.

Strokerz Sexgen - why do these cost so damn much? 12000L? Yeah, the do a lot, but the animations seem dated. Between Chantal and Devpose. The menus are very awkward.

Pondlife. Wonderful stuff. Best cuddles and kisses in the biz. The Deluxe Friends and Lover's blanket costs a bomb, about 3500L, but is totally worth it. Wonderful. Adjusting positions on the blankets is a snap, but on the very impressive new Boden bed (7000L!!) seems nearly impossible without real determination. Still wonderful. Very nice Asian versions of their furniture as well. Eladon Galsworthy sets the standard for best customer service - he's replaced items twice now that were lost during service glitches. Friendly, always ready to help with product advice.

Lover's Playground - the current state of the art. Outstanding. Astonishing when first encountered, some of the animations are amazing. The packaging is great, too - the big circular (Gorean?) curtained beds create a lovely atmosphere of decadent luxury, and the rug choices are great. Did they have to kill all those polar bears? There's a sex kitchen, a Love Bug VW - quite creative. Top of the line is 6000L, and for a visual type of sl love person, probably completely justified. Comes equipped with a cute and useful box of toys. Customer service is good, Lionna Dumouriez responds promptly and helpfully.

I'm a fan of at least some of the Xcite toys. I think they add a lot to the visual experience - I usually turn off the silly dialogue though. A pretty, appropriately tinted, adjustable-tilt penis is so much more fun than some crude schlong device that comes out one's back in the throes of virtual passion. Combined with a really nice bed from Lover's Playground - the experience can be wonderful.
:: end review::

Feel free to post your comments here and give us YOUR perspective on the best/worst sex beds in SL, or feel free to IM in-world too!


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Where are the virtual abortion clinics?

Search for 'pregnancy' in Second Life and you're presented with dozens of options. Looking for a pregnancy shape? Some baby furniture to outfit your darling one's nursery? Some maternity clothes to keep you looking your best while you're waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive? Well, you can find it and you can find a lot of it.

But, search for abortion.. and you get nothing. There are four people (at last search) with 'abortion' as part of their avatar name, but that's it. Nothing else.

Now, you and I both know that not everyone that 'decides' to get pregnant in Second Life actually goes through with all of it and has that baby and then takes care of it. Seems to me there's a lot of dumpster dumping of babies in Second Life that no one's talking about. Babies can suffocate if they're left in your inventory, you know.

So with all of these pregnancies that didn't manage to end in a 'birth' at one of the many birthing clinics in Second Life it just seems to me that maybe we need to create an abortion clinic where people can go and just 'officially' end the pregnancy .. in the open.. with no regrets .. instead of just tucking that belly or prim baby into your inventory under layers and layers of 'objects' and random clothing articles that you never had time to organize.

Second Life is literally, technically and truly all 'pro-choice'. Everything you do in this world is something you've chosen to do. No one can force you to chat, to listen, or to have sex. No one can 'accidentally' get pregnant or raped without their consent.. so, it only seems reasonable that we give people a pro-choice way to end these virtual pregnancies.

Maybe we need an abortion clinic.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This is what customer service *should* be...

Pay attention Lindens, because you could use some customer service skills.

After my most recent blog post regarding the rude people I encountered at Sensual Stoneworks, I've had several lovely messages offering to give me a tour of the area, apologizing for the rudeness I encountered and really making a concerted effort to discuss my experience.

As a follow-up, I do want to say that the people I encountered there yesterday were not affiliated (as far as I can tell) with Sensual Stoneworks but were just randomly there, spending time and harassing those of us that had our goal set on getting that sweet baby unicorn. I'm very much looking forward to going back to Sensual Stoneworks for the tour and a discussion with the owners, and I'll be sure to blog about my experience.

That's what customer service is all about.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Send baby gifts, I'm the proud parent of a baby unicorn!

Ok so after being told about this article on boingboing, I had to have one.

According to the boingboing article, there was a unicorn at Sensual Stoneworks in Second Life that would give you a baby unicorn, but that catch was that you had to have sex with it to get it.

Sensual Stoneworks is, from what I could tell, quite a bestiality haven (who knew!). I saw some plants, some spiders, and of course unicorns all just waiting to have sex with anyone that wanted to use them.

I will say right up front that the whole 'sex with animals' thing just isn't something that creeps me out, so I was totally up for getting a baby unicorn (it's so freaking cute!). I will also say that the vast majority of people I have ever had occasion to deal with in Second Life are the most open-minded, really kind people you'll ever meet. Today was the exception to that rule.

When I got to Sensual Stoneworks and said hi to everyone. I then asked where this magical unicorn was. The people were mean, rude, and generally obnoxious, truly. I was shocked. I've never met people like that in Second Life and let's face it darlings.. if you're spending your time fucking mutant venus flytrap plants in a stone pit we really needn't be throwing stones, hmm?

Anyway - after telling my lovely friends that they were all assholes, I managed to do a lot of clicking, get the poseball I needed to show up (it's 'checkmate', btw) I got my baby unicorn. You do have to be patient and let the unicorn use you for a couple minutes, but you'll be rewarded in the end.


Friday, September 7, 2007

real dolls vs. avatars

Recently one of my fav bloggers, Violet Blue, blogged about 'real dolls' and I've been hearing a lot about these lovely ladies recently in other arenas. If you're not familiar with real dolls, they're amazingly lifelike silicone sex dolls. Violet blogged that MGM is making a movie about relationships with sex dolls, but what I found most interesting was another post I'd read about an artist using sex dolls in her work.

Because I'm also an artist dealing with sexuality and sexual relationships, I found what Amber Hank Swanson is doing of particular interest. Quoting from an article in the Chicago Reader, "...Swanson began talking to more women and by 2005 she herself was in front of the camera. “Feminism?” consists of ten shorts in which she quotes from interview transcripts while participating in her own objectification. One short, Not a Feminist Way of Thinking: Daddy’s Little Girl, re­creates a scene from Lolita; in it Swanson’s real-life father paints her toenails. Two others, That’s Deep and That’s Deep Again, show Swanson being penetrated from behind—in one video by a man, in the other by a woman—while repeating “That’s deep,” one woman’s answer to her final question. “I was interested in the cultural phenomenon of young women rejecting feminism,” Swanson says. “In some ways I took on the character of a young woman doing so—either rejecting feminism or being naive about it.” ". Swanson's latest project, "... has put Amber Doll to use in a project exploring the interplay between fantasy and reality in sexual relationships. The finished work, which is still untitled, will contrast stills of intimate “partnership” scenes with video reenactments of rape scenes from movies such as Irreversible and The Accused. Unlike “Feminism?” which spoofed sexualized depictions of women in popular culture, Swanson’s latest videos are meant to mimic them as closely as possible—with one main departure. In the rape scene reenactments, both Swanson and Amber Doll will be dressed as the victim in the film. She gets most of her costumes from Forever 21 and H&M, including dresses similar to the one worn by Monica Bellucci in Irreversible. “These places had the majority of the ‘asking for it’ outfits I was looking for,” she explains."

So then I started wondering just how much our avatars in Second Life really function as a 'real doll'. Whether you're into the BDSM scene, or allowing someone to humiliate you, or rape you, or 'use' you in a roleplaying scenario.. how much of that is actually *you* allowing it, or are you in essence doing exactly what Amber has done in her work? Are you using your avatar, as a second 'you' in a sense and allowing him or her to experience those things while giving yourself some 'distance' from the scene, or do you feel a connection to your avatar that negates that distance? Are you able to have these sexual experiences that involve humiliation and torture without logging off with some residual esteem issues?

I think we're all participating and observing in online sex for our own reasons and I think those reasons vary greatly from person to person, but it really is interesting to take a step back once in a while and think about why we do, act, or roleplay certain scenarios and what that means to our 'physical' selves.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

poem on the wall

today's poem, taken from my 'artists' version of magnetic poetry - on my magnet board in front of my desk:

who said that when you scream
I'd have to suffer for the song

your instrument is a canvas
on which metaphors are composed

my absurd white masterpiece breaks with raw passion
as she balances more paint on her glorious nude silhouette

i see every smeared stroke and my angel, drunk like water
was deep in psychedelic death

performing her original drug, experimenting with my joy
as I drift away


Today's Random Conversation

[6:03] Random girl on a sawhorse: Pixel hepl me
[6:03] Pixel Bailey: Sweetie. Please.
[6:03] Random dude raping girl on a sawhorse: come on , slut ,lick my huge cock
[6:04] Pixel Bailey: Honey, click on 'stand up'.
[6:04] Random dude raping girl on a sawhorse: clean my dirty cock from your ass
[6:04] Random girl on a sawhorse: u really know how to spoil some fun
[6:04] Pixel Bailey: That's me - the fun spoiler.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Get me excited about 'XCite'

Ok friends, here's your chance to give me some input and advice.

When it comes to sex in online environments, I've always been a bit of a purist. I think in some ways it's also been my way of 'weeding out' the people I'd never want to be involved with. If you can't spell, you're not my kind of partner. Sorry. I know it sounds a bit snooty, but I'm a stickler for spelling and grammar so there you have it.

Anyway. I know that about a blazillion people in SL use the "XCite" products. Scripted clits, cocks, nipples, etc. that allow you to interact with other people without actually having to SPELL anything yourself.

I like to think of myself as a very open-minded girl, but I don't get it. I went to the XCite store the other day to look around and see what I'm missing, but I left the store thinking that I needed some additional advice and input from my readers. I don't understand why I need my clit to speak for me. Am I too busy touching myself to type? Am I not a great speller and this is just easier? Is it because it brings another level of intimacy because they're controlled by your partner? Help me understand - I honestly need to understand why this is so popular in Second Life - what am I missing?


Sexstination #13 - Dark Bliss Dungeon and Club

You never know what you're going to find when you start searching for sexy spots to explore in Second Life, so today when I teleported to the Dark Bliss Dungeon and Club, I was anxious to see what I'd find. I must say that this girl was pleasantly surprised.

Dark Bliss is a multi-level, multi-room, sexy people's dream place. From what I could tell, there's something for everyone, including the obligatory 'bathroom' scene, but with a better bathroom than I've seen in a few other places.

I was a little confused when I first got there, because there's one large room and you think that's all there is. There's a red, semi-transparent curtain with some vendors behind it selling fetishwear and BDSM equipment. I was happy with the 'feel' of the club and yet a little disappointed that it wasn't larger (but it's not about size, right?). I was, however, very very mistaken in my initial assumption that this was a small, one room club. Oh no my sexy friends, there's much more to the Dark Bliss than one room.

I'm a 'camming' fiend, and I'm constantly camming around to see behind walls - I guess it's the voyeur in me - but in doing so, I found all of these other rooms that are part of the club. I did, at a later point, notice the teleportation system from room to room, but I was having more fun just camming into a room and then 'sitting' on a poseball to enter. It's a sneaky thing to do, and one reason that 'locking doors' in Second Life are a complete joke.

Anyway, there are bunches of rooms on many levels here. It's not a super crowded club, but there were several people that I ran into during my visit. It does seem to be extremely popular with the European crowd which is something I haven't noticed a lot of in the other clubs I've mentioned.

The Dark Bliss Dungeon and Club in Hubbard is a fantastic spot with a warm, rich feel. Deep red curtains, lots of large beds, poseball carpets all around, and even a dance area make this a club that has moved onto my list of favorites.

Nicely done.


Saturday, September 1, 2007

you are now free to comment!

Thanks to an observant reader, I have now fixed my blog so that you do *not* need to have a google/blogger account to comment. Thanks to das for letting me know!

I'm also going to be branching off into some new and exciting projects that I'll need your input and help with, so stay tuned for some fantastic new things that will be happening in the next few weeks!