Saturday, March 8, 2008

In the Pink

Today and tomorrow in Second Life will feature productions of "In the Pink", a live theatre piece in Second Life featuring writings and performances of Second Life women.

From the official program:
"'In the Pink celebrates the strength of women, exploring sexuality and what it means to be a woman in real life and on Second Life.

This original presentation is affiliated with the 10th year anniversary of V-day, who raise funds for campaigns to end violence against women all over the world."

Performances are today and tomorrow in Second Life, and I'm promoting this for several reasons. As you know, I'm a strong believer in being open about your sexuality and ending violence against women is a no-brainer. This performance is just another example of ways that we can use this technology to bring talents and viewpoints from women all over the world and have it put together into this amazing production that so many people have worked countless hours to create.

I also wrote a piece for the production that will be performed in Part 2, so show up today in Ivy Falls.. donate.. and listen to what all of these women have to say.

Thanks, lovelies..