Friday, August 31, 2007

random conversation for the day

[15:34] random little guy: hi
[15:34] Pixel: hi random little guy
[15:34] random little guy: yes
[15:34] Pixel: yes what
[15:35] random little guy: maybe we can go in a calm place
[15:35] Pixel: maybe not :)
[15:35] random little guy: why not darling
[15:35] Pixel: I don't work here random little guy, but I'm sure one of these lovely women would love to spend some time with you.
[15:37] random little guy: don t go
[15:38] random little guy: sorry
[15:38] random little guy: dont go baby ineed to know you
[15:39] Pixel: random little guy :) sweetie :) here's the thing. I'm a really busy girl, and there are some really wonderful women working here that would love to spend time with you. So.. give your time and attention to these girls.
[15:40] random little guy: ok pixel but i ll coming
[15:40] Pixel: You're not coming with me, dear. :)
[15:40] random little guy: goodbye darling
[15:41] random little guy: i want to come with yo we go?
[15:42] Pixel: random little guy, dear.. that's not going to happen.
[15:42] random little guy: ok by
[15:42] Pixel: random little guy, what if I was really a man in real life? Would you still be attracted to me?
[15:46] random little guy: i just want to be romantic wiyh you
[15:46] Pixel: random little guy. sweetie.
[15:46] Pixel: ok let's chat about this.
[15:46] Pixel: random little guy, what do you think is 'romantic'?
[15:47] Pixel: tell me.
[15:48] random little guy: certainly not to be in this place but in iland maybe
[15:48] Pixel: I'm sorry random little guy.. where sweetie? Where is romantic?
[15:48] Pixel: random little guy, if you were able to do anything 'romantic' here.. what would you do.
[15:48] Pixel: what's your ideal woman all about.
[15:50] random little guy: i don t know what can i say now you bless me pixel
[15:50] Pixel: random little guy, if you want to be with a real woman, you're going to have to do better than that.
[15:50] Pixel: no girl's going to be with you if you talk like that.
[15:51] random little guy: here nothing is romantic but you re and it s suffisant
[15:52] Pixel: random little guy you're disappointing me. truly.
[15:52] Pixel: being romantic is all in the mind, random little guy.
[15:52] Pixel: I don't think you're man enough for any of these women, random little guy.

Sexstination #12 - Twisted Orchid Fetish and BDSM Club

If you're looking for a classy escort club with a Polynesian them - look no further because the Twisted Orchid Fetish and BDSM Club is the place for you.

After perusing the club from the overhead loft area with a very sturdy safety railing to keep us laggy/clumsy people from tumbling to our deaths onto the club dancers, I wandered around the main level to see what glorious sexy things this club had to offer.

Most of the clubs I've reviewed and visited were very large areas with pretty blatant sexual overtones, but this one was different. In fact at first I was a little confused by it. Twisted Orchid has a raised dance area with poles and chairs and lovely dancers there for you. There are no poseballs scattered about here. No BDSM equipment just sitting around in the main area, and no guys running around with prim penises so large that you're afraid they're going to lose their balance and topple over onto the floor.

This club is a club with escorts for hire and that immediately puts a whole different spin on things. It feels like a combination of a ski lodge and a Polynesian oasis, and yet somehow it works. There's a fetish mall attached just in case you need to dodge off for a last minute item, and there are even free hair, skins, and BDSM equipment available. Also if any of you sexy ladies are looking for a job, Twisted Orchid is hiring for several positions so stop by.

The pricing and 'menu' options at Twisted Orchid are posted on the wall there, so you know what you want and can budget accordingly. Some examples:
Lapdance (5 minutes)L$250, Lesbian Orgy (2 girls) (is it really an orgy with only two girls?).. anyway.. the orgy will cost you L$2400 for 30 minutes and L$4000 for 60 minutes. Need more girls to really make it an orgy worth having? That'll cost you an additional L$1200 per girl, per 30 minutes.

Start saving up those lindens darlings, and if you end up at Twisted Orchid with those lindens burning a hole in your pocket.. my money's on Tracey Mills - she's a hottie and those kisses she was blowing me while I was there were just a glimpse of what she's all about.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

today's random conversation ...

[19:17] Random Person: hi gorgeous
[19:17] Pixel Bailey: hi
[19:17] Random Person: what u up 2
[19:17] Random Person: lol
[19:18] Pixel Bailey: nothing. exploring.
[19:18] Random Person: wanna explore w/me
[19:18] Random Person: lol
[19:18] Pixel Bailey: I'll pass, thanks :)
[19:19] Random Person: r u sure it will b worth ur time
[19:19] Random Person: or do u just like 2 watch
[19:19] Pixel Bailey: I'm sure, thanks.
[19:19] Random Person: u dont like girls
[19:20] Pixel Bailey: I never said that.
[19:20] Random Person: or is it just me
[19:20] Random Person: u dont wanna b friends
[19:20] Pixel Bailey: No, thanks for the offer, but I'd rather not.
[19:20] Random Person: so later we can get together
[19:20] Pixel Bailey: No thanks. :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

it is not your imagination

I was reading the 2nd Sex Blog by Lillie Yifu and she mentions this posting by Slate talking about infidelity in Second Life.

Lillie's discussed this in her blog post, but I wanted to add my own spin on this as well.

Newsflash here peeps.. Second Life is not the only place where people are being unfaithful. This has been happening for many, many years in online communities. Since those first days of AOL, since bulletin boards and all those games of L.O.R.D. when people started sleeping with the barmaid to earn points, since IRC and chatrooms, and people have been cheating with others, experimenting, and learning more about themselves.

So, let's not blame Second Life. If there's blame to be placed here, then let's blame technology for connecting us with people all over the world that we would never have met without the internet. Let's blame technology for giving us new and exciting ways to learn about sex, and sexual satisfaction. Let's blame technology for allowing us to rethink our perspectives and experiment with our sexuality.

I think it's fantastic that we have these outlets. I don't think it's a bad thing that people are meeting other people and having sex online. I firmly believe that if someone is completely and truly content in their relationships, they won't leave simply because the Gods of technology have placed a gorgeous avatar on their screen who's willing to suck their dick as often and as hard as they want it sucked.

I also think that having these outlets that allow us to experiment and explore our sexuality is a *good* thing. For the life of me I will never understand why people think that being curious, experimenting and learning more about their sexual preferences is a bad thing. It's a GREAT thing. We should be counting our lucky stars that we have the ability to learn and experiment in this environment. No one's getting pregnant, catching an STD or dying from AIDS because they experimented with sex in a virtual environment.

If people are being unfaithful in their first relationships because of someone they met online, then there's more at issue here than an 'imaginary girlfriend' and don't even get me STARTED on whether or not these online relationships are real. They *are* real. There are real feelings, real people, and real passion involved. If you're losing your loved one to someone they met online, then it's time to take a step back, evaluate your relationship and make some hard choices.


Monday, August 27, 2007

quote of the week

i want you!
babe! answer me!
What if I was really a man in RL? Would you still want me as badly here?

........ silence...........

Interview with a pony girl

I had the chance to speak with a girl today who's living life as a pony here in SL. I was curious as to why she chose to be a pony and roleplay that here.

When we first started chatting, she was really still roleplaying even though I told her that I wasn't so into it and that I'd just like to talk normally without that. It seemed difficult for her to break the role. She mentioned that because she chose to live as a pony, the people she generally associated with were only interested in having her play that role, or were so shocked at her appearance that they chose not to speak with her at all.

I asked her why she was choosing to live and roleplay as a pony here, and she mentioned her interest in D/s (Dominance/submission) serving as a pet to her Master/Mistress, and the appeal that had for her. I was curious as to why she chose to experiment and explore D/s as a pony and not as a woman or man, and her answer was something that I hadn't really considered before. She said that as a pony, Second Life becomes more specific for her.. more focused. She said that she has very little responsibilities and more limits this way. I can absolutely respect that. I think that in an environment that allows for so much sexual exploration and experimentation, choosing to be something completely out of the norm, out of your comfort zone is a challenge in itself, but to actually put thought into it and live within the boundaries that you've set for yourself is really empowering in its own way.

I had a professor that once told me "it's within boundaries and limits that you find true freedom". At the time I thought 'yeah right', but I honestly do think that's the case. Second Life can be unbelievably overwhelming if you have no goals, nothing to achieve, and nothing to be involved with. Giving yourself a 'role' to play makes things easier to understand, and serves a purpose.

So, the next time you see someone roleplaying something you might not understand in Second Life, take a second to chat with them and learn a bit.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sexstination #11 - Bondage Ranch

On the recommendation of several friends, I saddled up and paid a visit to the Bondage Ranch.

I spent several minutes reading the rules and checking out the arrival area when I got there. Lots of information to be had, and the last thing I wanted to do was be banned from the ranch, so I wanted to be sure I knew the expectations before I ventured onto the ranch itself. There were no rules that were out of the ordinary, they all basically boiled down to 'don't act like an ass'.

The 'ranch' itself really does look like a fairly good representation of a ranch with a large barn, ranch house and expansive open land. I did see one chick on a horse, but as far as animals go, that was about it. There are a few very large circular walkways with lots of different 'equipment' spaced around. There were a lot of people around, but I honestly didn't see a lot of sex going on, just a lot of people standing around, presumably in a private conversation with someone.

There's a lot more to 'Bondage Ranch' than just this area, though. There are many different themed areas to choose from including the Doctor's Office, Scandinavian Fetish Dungeon, Kidnapper's Warehouse, Gerstle Bay Stables, Mystical Bondage, Bondage Playground and a few others.

My first visit to an alternate area was the 'Castle and Village'. To me that seemed very dark and interesting because I was picturing an area with some rough looking villagers hiding around corners or down alleys waiting for a new visitor to pass by. When in reality I was teleported to a big castle - The Damsel Island Bondage Mall. Bluh. I left there, wandered around a bit, and ended up at the Dragon's Den Club. I like to be a girl that keeps an open-mind, and I hate to be negative but this club has to be in the running for the most horrificly ugly club in all of Second Life. I understand the 'dark' theme and idea of creating a bondage-themed club, but come on people. Grey textures, metal grates and flowing, dumb-looking lava are not going to accomplish your objectives. We can do better than this.

After that disappointing adventure, I decided to visit the Doctor's Office - who can help but be aroused at the thought of that yearly gynecological exam all of us women have to endure. I'm wet just thinking about it. The Doctor's Office was just one building with a lot of medical equipment in it - several of which looked like they belonged on the Star Trek Enterprise. There was also a 'ground sex' poseball which I thought was very fitting - I'm constantly having sex on the ground in my doctor's office. Thank God someone thought to include it here.

My next stop was the 'Scandinavian Fetish Dungeon'. I have yet to understand what made it Scandinavian, but it was a small 'underground' feeling room with a sunken love pit and some other equipment. I personally feel that calling it a Scandinavian Fetish Dungeon was a bit of a stretch, but we all tend to exaggerate a bit in Second Life, don't we?

So as a wrap-up, I'm glad I had some people tell me to review the Bondage Ranch, but I'm afraid it didn't live up to my expectations. I had really hoped for a higher quality than what I found. Flashing textures, improper scale, and haphazard placement of objects with no real thought given to creating a cohesive sex playground were things that disappointed me. I loved the idea of making different themed areas, but it's got to be pulled off better than this. I didn't get to visit all of the places, and maybe some of the others are done better than what I saw, but somehow I doubt it.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sexstination #10 - Bound and Determined Fetish Club

Fetishists and sexy people, today is your lucky day. The Bound and Determined Fetish Club in Second Life is just waiting for you to come and enjoy.

After doing a search for "BDSM" last night, I arrived at this club not knowing what to expect. As you know, some of the sex sites in Second Life are not of the highest quality and tend to leave a girl feeling dirty.. and not in the good 'dirty' way.

I half expected to arrive and be presented with some rules, but there was nothing of the sort. I was, however, amazed at the number of people that were in this club. My last few visits to sex spots were a tad on the quiet side without a lot of other people around. This club is active with 56 people on the sim while I was visiting.

You arrive into a very large room with several little side areas separated into different themes. One was 'Femme on Femme', I think I saw two "BDSM" designated areas, a "Back Alley", a "Cum Play" area, "Group Area" and for all you toilet fetish lovers.. a designated "Bathroom" area. The center of the room is comprised of a few 'living room' areas and one features 'exhibitionists' with an area where you can take advantage of some masturbatory aids while your lover/friend/casual acquaintance watches you.

I noticed some unique poseballs here that I haven't seen before including: "captive blowjob", "facehump", "jackme", and "fuckherthroat". How's that for a selection of sexual adventures? Believe me, this is just the beginning.

The "Back Alley" area was the most interesting spot to me, I think because of the feel of the area. It felt as though some thought was actually given to the design of the space and I gotta say.. they pulled it off pretty well.

I think some people feel a bit intimidated to come to places like this in Second Life if you've never been there before. I think it's important to explore and see what's out there - remember, anytime you feel intimidated in Second Life, you have the power to change that. You're in charge of your experience, not anyone else. If you arrive somewhere and are uncomfortable, just leave. Teleport somewhere else. No one has power over you unless you allow it. When I arrived last night and was wandering around the area, I was IM'd by a Second Life resident who said nothing more to me than "Come stand beside me. I won't ask twice." Being the sassy girl I am, I preceded to tell my new friend, "I will not come and stand beside you. I'm busy exploring.". She then replied "as you wish, bye.".

I also noticed this same person wandering around the room being very insulting and demeaning to several people in public chat, which I didn't find to be very appealing. BDSM is not about humiliating another person for your own self-esteem. It's not about bossing people around, or being insulting. BDSM is about mutual consent and respect. I think if you ignore some of the 'louder' people at this club, you may just find what you're looking for here. No matter what that is.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Sexstination #9 - Education UK - University of Plymouth

I've been a bit ho-hum about sexual destinations in SL lately. It's not that I haven't been trying to find amazing places to share with you, it's just that every time I find one, I'm bored to tears before I even manage to take any notes about it.

So today I tried a different approach - sexual education. I decided to visit the University of Plymouth on the Education UK island in the hopes that because it was education, it might be interesting. I was mistaken.

Although I do applaud their attempt to provide sexual resources, I just feel like they don't 'get' it. It seems ridiculous to be presenting us with sexual education only applicable to the 'real' world, when we all know that sex in Second Life doesn't carry any risk of passing along any STD. There are free condom dispensers (why?), links to URLs providing information on contraception, and some lovely photos of what your genitals might end up looking like if you catch an STD from someone.

It seems to me (and dear God I hope this is the case) that anyone on the main grid of SL probably already knows about STDs and contraception. Perhaps this little informative area would be more appropriate on the teen grid where there are people that might still need the information.

So, nice try University of Plymouth and I thank you for your attempt at being open and discussing sexuality, but I think we might need to think outside the box on this a bit more (no pun intended).