Monday, August 13, 2007

Sexstination #9 - Education UK - University of Plymouth

I've been a bit ho-hum about sexual destinations in SL lately. It's not that I haven't been trying to find amazing places to share with you, it's just that every time I find one, I'm bored to tears before I even manage to take any notes about it.

So today I tried a different approach - sexual education. I decided to visit the University of Plymouth on the Education UK island in the hopes that because it was education, it might be interesting. I was mistaken.

Although I do applaud their attempt to provide sexual resources, I just feel like they don't 'get' it. It seems ridiculous to be presenting us with sexual education only applicable to the 'real' world, when we all know that sex in Second Life doesn't carry any risk of passing along any STD. There are free condom dispensers (why?), links to URLs providing information on contraception, and some lovely photos of what your genitals might end up looking like if you catch an STD from someone.

It seems to me (and dear God I hope this is the case) that anyone on the main grid of SL probably already knows about STDs and contraception. Perhaps this little informative area would be more appropriate on the teen grid where there are people that might still need the information.

So, nice try University of Plymouth and I thank you for your attempt at being open and discussing sexuality, but I think we might need to think outside the box on this a bit more (no pun intended).


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