Friday, August 31, 2007

random conversation for the day

[15:34] random little guy: hi
[15:34] Pixel: hi random little guy
[15:34] random little guy: yes
[15:34] Pixel: yes what
[15:35] random little guy: maybe we can go in a calm place
[15:35] Pixel: maybe not :)
[15:35] random little guy: why not darling
[15:35] Pixel: I don't work here random little guy, but I'm sure one of these lovely women would love to spend some time with you.
[15:37] random little guy: don t go
[15:38] random little guy: sorry
[15:38] random little guy: dont go baby ineed to know you
[15:39] Pixel: random little guy :) sweetie :) here's the thing. I'm a really busy girl, and there are some really wonderful women working here that would love to spend time with you. So.. give your time and attention to these girls.
[15:40] random little guy: ok pixel but i ll coming
[15:40] Pixel: You're not coming with me, dear. :)
[15:40] random little guy: goodbye darling
[15:41] random little guy: i want to come with yo we go?
[15:42] Pixel: random little guy, dear.. that's not going to happen.
[15:42] random little guy: ok by
[15:42] Pixel: random little guy, what if I was really a man in real life? Would you still be attracted to me?
[15:46] random little guy: i just want to be romantic wiyh you
[15:46] Pixel: random little guy. sweetie.
[15:46] Pixel: ok let's chat about this.
[15:46] Pixel: random little guy, what do you think is 'romantic'?
[15:47] Pixel: tell me.
[15:48] random little guy: certainly not to be in this place but in iland maybe
[15:48] Pixel: I'm sorry random little guy.. where sweetie? Where is romantic?
[15:48] Pixel: random little guy, if you were able to do anything 'romantic' here.. what would you do.
[15:48] Pixel: what's your ideal woman all about.
[15:50] random little guy: i don t know what can i say now you bless me pixel
[15:50] Pixel: random little guy, if you want to be with a real woman, you're going to have to do better than that.
[15:50] Pixel: no girl's going to be with you if you talk like that.
[15:51] random little guy: here nothing is romantic but you re and it s suffisant
[15:52] Pixel: random little guy you're disappointing me. truly.
[15:52] Pixel: being romantic is all in the mind, random little guy.
[15:52] Pixel: I don't think you're man enough for any of these women, random little guy.

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AVANTI said...

You were too much hard with random