Wednesday, August 29, 2007

today's random conversation ...

[19:17] Random Person: hi gorgeous
[19:17] Pixel Bailey: hi
[19:17] Random Person: what u up 2
[19:17] Random Person: lol
[19:18] Pixel Bailey: nothing. exploring.
[19:18] Random Person: wanna explore w/me
[19:18] Random Person: lol
[19:18] Pixel Bailey: I'll pass, thanks :)
[19:19] Random Person: r u sure it will b worth ur time
[19:19] Random Person: or do u just like 2 watch
[19:19] Pixel Bailey: I'm sure, thanks.
[19:19] Random Person: u dont like girls
[19:20] Pixel Bailey: I never said that.
[19:20] Random Person: or is it just me
[19:20] Random Person: u dont wanna b friends
[19:20] Pixel Bailey: No, thanks for the offer, but I'd rather not.
[19:20] Random Person: so later we can get together
[19:20] Pixel Bailey: No thanks. :)


cmykdorothy said...


Das said...

Whats up with all the LOLs??

Ringo Kawashima said...

That was actually pretty eloquent. :) My worst two so far: "ur hot, wanna fck?" and "ans?"

The first one i heard more than once, and it is thus even more irritating in its ubiquity.

The second one stumped me for a second (no pun intended :)), then the guy explained in an exasperated tone (or what I would imagine to be an exasperated tone, if we were on voice): "age nation sex, duh"

But I have to say I haven't gotten many "ur" texts from girls. It seems girls are more likely to be careful with their speech, as well as clothing and hair... And don't even get me started on people trying to pick me up with four-prim attachments with a woody texture (pun fully intended :)) sticking unnaturally out from their monochrome skin... "u like my big cock?" What am I supposed to say to that? The only thing coming to my mind is "Get that ugly piece of crap away from me!". Sigh...

micala said...

Every day's a new adventure, isn't it. ;) That's what makes it such fun to explore in SL.