Monday, August 27, 2007

Interview with a pony girl

I had the chance to speak with a girl today who's living life as a pony here in SL. I was curious as to why she chose to be a pony and roleplay that here.

When we first started chatting, she was really still roleplaying even though I told her that I wasn't so into it and that I'd just like to talk normally without that. It seemed difficult for her to break the role. She mentioned that because she chose to live as a pony, the people she generally associated with were only interested in having her play that role, or were so shocked at her appearance that they chose not to speak with her at all.

I asked her why she was choosing to live and roleplay as a pony here, and she mentioned her interest in D/s (Dominance/submission) serving as a pet to her Master/Mistress, and the appeal that had for her. I was curious as to why she chose to experiment and explore D/s as a pony and not as a woman or man, and her answer was something that I hadn't really considered before. She said that as a pony, Second Life becomes more specific for her.. more focused. She said that she has very little responsibilities and more limits this way. I can absolutely respect that. I think that in an environment that allows for so much sexual exploration and experimentation, choosing to be something completely out of the norm, out of your comfort zone is a challenge in itself, but to actually put thought into it and live within the boundaries that you've set for yourself is really empowering in its own way.

I had a professor that once told me "it's within boundaries and limits that you find true freedom". At the time I thought 'yeah right', but I honestly do think that's the case. Second Life can be unbelievably overwhelming if you have no goals, nothing to achieve, and nothing to be involved with. Giving yourself a 'role' to play makes things easier to understand, and serves a purpose.

So, the next time you see someone roleplaying something you might not understand in Second Life, take a second to chat with them and learn a bit.


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ss said...

Very interesting point. I don't explore my sexuality in SL, but I could definitely see why many do. I think this idea of focusing your interests pours over into most if not all niches in SL - look at the fashionistas, for example. They are fiercely dedicated to their roles and spend hours a day shopping. Although for them, I think they think of it less as 'role play' and more as a general interest.. many are also interested in other things in SL too.
Anyway, I look forward to reading new interviews and see what other insights you come up with! :) :)