Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sexstination #10 - Bound and Determined Fetish Club

Fetishists and sexy people, today is your lucky day. The Bound and Determined Fetish Club in Second Life is just waiting for you to come and enjoy.

After doing a search for "BDSM" last night, I arrived at this club not knowing what to expect. As you know, some of the sex sites in Second Life are not of the highest quality and tend to leave a girl feeling dirty.. and not in the good 'dirty' way.

I half expected to arrive and be presented with some rules, but there was nothing of the sort. I was, however, amazed at the number of people that were in this club. My last few visits to sex spots were a tad on the quiet side without a lot of other people around. This club is active with 56 people on the sim while I was visiting.

You arrive into a very large room with several little side areas separated into different themes. One was 'Femme on Femme', I think I saw two "BDSM" designated areas, a "Back Alley", a "Cum Play" area, "Group Area" and for all you toilet fetish lovers.. a designated "Bathroom" area. The center of the room is comprised of a few 'living room' areas and one features 'exhibitionists' with an area where you can take advantage of some masturbatory aids while your lover/friend/casual acquaintance watches you.

I noticed some unique poseballs here that I haven't seen before including: "captive blowjob", "facehump", "jackme", and "fuckherthroat". How's that for a selection of sexual adventures? Believe me, this is just the beginning.

The "Back Alley" area was the most interesting spot to me, I think because of the feel of the area. It felt as though some thought was actually given to the design of the space and I gotta say.. they pulled it off pretty well.

I think some people feel a bit intimidated to come to places like this in Second Life if you've never been there before. I think it's important to explore and see what's out there - remember, anytime you feel intimidated in Second Life, you have the power to change that. You're in charge of your experience, not anyone else. If you arrive somewhere and are uncomfortable, just leave. Teleport somewhere else. No one has power over you unless you allow it. When I arrived last night and was wandering around the area, I was IM'd by a Second Life resident who said nothing more to me than "Come stand beside me. I won't ask twice." Being the sassy girl I am, I preceded to tell my new friend, "I will not come and stand beside you. I'm busy exploring.". She then replied "as you wish, bye.".

I also noticed this same person wandering around the room being very insulting and demeaning to several people in public chat, which I didn't find to be very appealing. BDSM is not about humiliating another person for your own self-esteem. It's not about bossing people around, or being insulting. BDSM is about mutual consent and respect. I think if you ignore some of the 'louder' people at this club, you may just find what you're looking for here. No matter what that is.



Das said...

I always wondered why there weren't any commments on your blog and now i know why, cuz it requires google account :)

Anyway, i just had to comment on this one, I am surprised it took you this long to get to this sim. But it is crowded and this is a good thing and also a bad thing cuz there are times when the sim lags horribly cuz of all the ppl there.

Also, while the alley presents an authentic look and is a creepy place by the way its designed and what goes on there, but because of the narrowness, the camera angles suffer a lot and you ahve to constantly adjust the camera in order to see otherwise u are seeing the wall from the otherside.

that said, the downside is that the majority of the ppl there dont have any idea about roleplaying and are there to wham bam thank you maam with the animations.

That is just my limited experience, maybe u can shed further light on these.

pixel bailey said...

Actually das, I've found that this club actually has a more intellectual crowd than most of the other clubs. It almost seems like someone has to be in Second Life for a while before they know enough to search for 'BDSM' or "Fetish", but all the 'newbies' know to search 'sex' and end up at the free sex/ orgy places.

Obviously there are the 'wanna fuck' people everywhere, but it's my experience that there are fewer at this club. Thanks for commenting and thanks for letting me know it was set to only google users! Fixed now!