Friday, July 20, 2007

A "Sexstination" Conversation

I started out tonight with plans of exploring another sex-related spot in Second Life so that I could bring back all the necessary details to allow my readers to make an informed decision, but as we all know - sometimes plans change.

I actually did teleport to one spot but I was so disappointed in it I refused to blog about it. Yes, it was that bad.

After that, I decided to try once more and teleported to the "Cumslut Cafe", and that's where today's discussion begins.

I've been to several sex-related spots and I've had more than one discussion about sexuality and sex in a virtual environment, but I was not at all prepared for what I was about to encounter in the Red Light District at the Cumslut Cafe. I'll save the review of the Cafe for another time, but suffice it to say that it was definitely an interesting thing. The most interesting thing, however, is that I only saw ONE person actually IN the Cumslut Cafe and she was camping on a sex toy trying to earn lindens. I considered it just for the sheer enjoyment, but there was a sign saying you had to be naked if you were 'on stage' and I'd just gotten dressed, so screw that.

When you teleport to the Cafe, you'll land in a courtyard area outside the cafe itself. This area is where everyone congregates, and it was crowded when I was there. I was a little disoriented, because there are people everywhere, but no one speaks. Took me just a minute to realize that 90% of the people in this courtyard define themselves as escorts or prostitutes and are just there hoping to be hired by someone.

Now I've seen escorts before, in clubs and other sex spots, but never like this. It was an eerie sort of quiet there, so of course I broke the ice by asking who liked peanut butter. Seemed as good a question as any in this spot.

Once people started talking, I was able to ask some more relevant questions about how things worked there. I have to say, that I was amazed. Lots of girls there, each with their own 'look', their own rates, their own 'thing' going on, but no cattiness, no fighting, no one trying to 'beat out' anyone else. Just standing there, with no one saying a word, you could feel that there was respect - which might seem a bit silly to say in a spot like that, but it's true. Everyone was there respecting what everyone else did, no one judging anyone, no one putting anyone down. It was good.

I was able to chat with a few folks including one fantastically wonderful escort that has agreed to let me interview her in the near future about her experiences. I'm really looking forward to speaking with her and getting her viewpoints and her story.

I think that not only in Second Life, but in online communities in general, it's fascinating to think that every single person you see has a unique and interesting story to tell. All there for different reasons, but I bet there are a lot more similarities that we might think initially. I can't wait to continue this conversation with my new friend, but until then.. if you visit the Cumslut Cafe, go ahead and strike up a conversation, there are some great people there.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sexstination #8 - Masturbation Station

Today my sexy train pulled into the Masturbation Station in Goangeo and although I didn't see any redcaps anywhere, I managed to find my way around the station on my own.

The "Masturbation Station" is actually a separate room off the 'Bound Club". You have to go into the club to get into the station which is no big deal.

The Bound Club is a very red-themed club with a dance floor and some pole dancing. Nothing too fantastic, but more your run-of-the-mill dance/sex club.

Off to the side, however, is our destination of choice - the Masturbation Station. When I first walked into the room, I have to say I was a bit disappointed. More 'blah' looking things without any real style or any thought given to the atmosphere. Sex clubs in SL could and SHOULD be *HOT* people. The color red alone does not make a club 'hot'. Trust me on this.


The 'station' has a pole to dance on, and a circle jerk area for women (from what I could tell) along with a sofa where your fabulous guys or girls can watch you dance or reach orgasm.

Off to the corner, another separate area for masturbation so if you wanted to get out of the craziness of the circle/pole area, this is another place to do it. There are some poseballs here that I tried out, but I ended up floating in the air while I was touching myself and that was a bit odd. Although I love that 'floating' or 'out of body' experience while I'm coming in the physical world, it's a little hard to get used to in the virtual world. Maybe that's something to experiment with or think about. Why DOES it seem better to masturbate on the ground? If you really stop and think about it, I bet it'd be amazing to do it floating in the air!

If you keep walking around the perimeter of the Masturbation Station, there's a chaise lounge sitting by itself. This has some LOVELY masturbatory animations in it, so I recommend taking a moment and giving this a shot. I enjoyed it.

I've saved the best for last, so here it is: The Sensual Mirror. This mirror's in the corner of the room and it says that you can look at yourself and choose what gender you'd like. I was intrigued. I stepped in front and choose 'male'. Your cam is rotated so that you're actually looking at yourself through the back of the mirror. The mirror then becomes transparent and you begin masturbating using gestures common to the gender you've chosen. *NICE*. This was brilliant. I stood there flipping back and forth between male and female for quite a while! This is one of the neatest little toys I've seen in a while and I loved everything about it.

Nothing says "Self-Love" like staring at yourself in a mirror and watching while you touch yourself. Been there, done that. You should too.


Monday, July 9, 2007

Sexstination #7 - Chase's 200m High Club

Tonight we visit a skybox sex club called "Chase's 200m High Club". Now, if you're like me, you automatically think of an airplane themed sex club where people can truly live out their 'mile high' club fantasies. Lovely stewardesses (flight attendants, whatever) in snazzy uniforms with nasty short skirts just waiting for you.

Well, you'd be wrong. I know. I was disappointed too. If anyone out there has a sim and is looking for something snazzy to do with it.. build that. I'll be the pilot. Or the flight attendant.. either one.

Anyway, back to the 200m Club.

When you arrive, you teleport into a diner sort of area with stools and booths and straight in front of you is the sign with the 'Visitor Rules" for the Club. Very important rules such as "No Griefers" (whew, good thing we put that up. I bet all those griefers will turn and run now!) and "No serious age play" (which I gotta say, I was pleased to see. Those kid avs creep me out, too).

If you walk down the ramp into the club, you'll walk underneath a archway of balloons and into the club itself. It's a lot like most of the other sex places we've visited, although I do think that perhaps this one has a heavier lean on masturbation because I saw a lot of random dildos scattered about and there were a lot of 'masturbation' and 'watch' poseballs as well.

The club does have a pool area with a 'make love' poseball set on the diving board and some sofas to the right as you enter the club. If you continue past the sofa area, you'll see a larger room scattered with rugs. Here's where all the magic happens, I'd guess. There was a sunken lower area as well, and maybe that's more 'performance' oriented - at least it felt that way to me.

I only saw 4 people while I was there, so if you're looking for a nice private place to have sex or masturbate, this one might be a good choice for you. It's all free, so it's a pretty relaxed atmosphere and a LOT less crowded than the Free Sex/Orgy Room I mentioned previously.

There are also some shops up in the area where we arrived, but not many, so your time is better spent on the rugs releasing some tension.