Monday, July 9, 2007

Sexstination #7 - Chase's 200m High Club

Tonight we visit a skybox sex club called "Chase's 200m High Club". Now, if you're like me, you automatically think of an airplane themed sex club where people can truly live out their 'mile high' club fantasies. Lovely stewardesses (flight attendants, whatever) in snazzy uniforms with nasty short skirts just waiting for you.

Well, you'd be wrong. I know. I was disappointed too. If anyone out there has a sim and is looking for something snazzy to do with it.. build that. I'll be the pilot. Or the flight attendant.. either one.

Anyway, back to the 200m Club.

When you arrive, you teleport into a diner sort of area with stools and booths and straight in front of you is the sign with the 'Visitor Rules" for the Club. Very important rules such as "No Griefers" (whew, good thing we put that up. I bet all those griefers will turn and run now!) and "No serious age play" (which I gotta say, I was pleased to see. Those kid avs creep me out, too).

If you walk down the ramp into the club, you'll walk underneath a archway of balloons and into the club itself. It's a lot like most of the other sex places we've visited, although I do think that perhaps this one has a heavier lean on masturbation because I saw a lot of random dildos scattered about and there were a lot of 'masturbation' and 'watch' poseballs as well.

The club does have a pool area with a 'make love' poseball set on the diving board and some sofas to the right as you enter the club. If you continue past the sofa area, you'll see a larger room scattered with rugs. Here's where all the magic happens, I'd guess. There was a sunken lower area as well, and maybe that's more 'performance' oriented - at least it felt that way to me.

I only saw 4 people while I was there, so if you're looking for a nice private place to have sex or masturbate, this one might be a good choice for you. It's all free, so it's a pretty relaxed atmosphere and a LOT less crowded than the Free Sex/Orgy Room I mentioned previously.

There are also some shops up in the area where we arrived, but not many, so your time is better spent on the rugs releasing some tension.


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