Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sexstination #2 - Sinner's Paradise

So this week our travels take us to Sinner's Paradise in the sim of Wales.

Sinner's Paradise has a much different feel than the first stop on our travels. It has a much more natural, romantic setting. With many outdoor areas near water and trees, it has a very secluded, peaceful feeling to it.

The main area of the sim consists of a very large, very well done castle with lots of separate rooms including a library where you can play chess if that's what turns you on! There are some BDSM/Gor-type rooms, and a lot of the castle has a very 'dungeon' feel to it even if there isn't a lot of 'dungeon' toys at first glance.

It really is a lovely setting with lots of little hidden areas, so if you're into the 'romance' stuff in your virtual sex life, then Sinner's Paradise is probably a great spot to spend some quality time with that special someone.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Sexstination #1 - Capture Roleplay HQ

Located in the sim of Silvermoon, the Capture Roleplay HQ is an interesting place to start our explorations.

This sim consists of several mazes that apparently shift, and change so that you never go through the same maze twice. Visitors can choose to display a tag of 'predator' or 'prey' to keep straight who is chasing who here.

There don't appear to be any rules upon entering the area, so you're free to roam around and explore, which is nice. There are several areas where you can choose to receive a notecard explaining how the area works.

There are as I mentioned, 3-D mazes with many dungeon-looking rooms off to the sides, so that 'predators' can conveniently take their 'prey' directly into a room and have their way with them. There are also auctions where you can sell yourself or purchase someone else for your enjoyment. The area also includes classrooms where one can learn the finer points of capture and/or roleplay.

I'm not sure how I feel about this area. Just looking at the 3-D mazes creeped me out a bit - reminded me too much of the old days of playing Quake and being terrorized by people standing near me and saying "I can hear you breathe".

i think i've got it

So Second Life is so overwhelming and tremendously huge, that I've been having a difficult time deciding what to pursue and focus on. I've got it. Sex.

So, I'll be visiting sex areas in Second Life and reporting on them in my examination of sexuality in virtual environments.

We'll refer to them as Sexstinations.