Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sexstination #2 - Sinner's Paradise

So this week our travels take us to Sinner's Paradise in the sim of Wales.

Sinner's Paradise has a much different feel than the first stop on our travels. It has a much more natural, romantic setting. With many outdoor areas near water and trees, it has a very secluded, peaceful feeling to it.

The main area of the sim consists of a very large, very well done castle with lots of separate rooms including a library where you can play chess if that's what turns you on! There are some BDSM/Gor-type rooms, and a lot of the castle has a very 'dungeon' feel to it even if there isn't a lot of 'dungeon' toys at first glance.

It really is a lovely setting with lots of little hidden areas, so if you're into the 'romance' stuff in your virtual sex life, then Sinner's Paradise is probably a great spot to spend some quality time with that special someone.

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