Friday, June 8, 2007

Sextination # 3 - The Girl's Detention Center

Last night a friend took me to visit a roleplay area in Second Life called the Girls Detention Center. I'll have to update with some photos when I'm in a position to upload them.

Although it wasn't the most beautiful of builds, I do have to say that it accomplished what I'm fairly sure the intention was. There were several people there that really seemed to be playing the part including teachers and guards. I was a smidge bit confused with the teachers though, because I don't normally think of teachers being in a detention center. Guards yes.. teachers? Not so much.

The detention center had many rooms including a doctor's office, warden's office, auditorium (which was really a gymnasium), pool, a few cells, a shower room, and a couple of 'hey look at all these neat sex poses we have!!' rooms. Which, I must say, did have some pretty fantastic poseball sets that I haven't seen anywhere else.

My only disappointment here is that if you're really trying to get into a role-playing scenario, there are people around that are only more than happy to JUMP IN on the action and kind of spoil the whole fantasy thing you've got going on. (stupid boys)

On a better note, it does seem that 'the regulars' here are more than open to just allowing people to role-play as they wish without rules or interruptions, which is nice.

It's worth checking out, even if you're not into that kind of thing. I'll post some pics and directions when I get a chance.

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