Wednesday, June 27, 2007

i'm looking for something in purple...

Isn't it about time for a new vibrator? I thought so. We're heading over to Eden Fantasys (their spelling, not mine) right now to check out the selection.

Eden Fantasys is located in what might be the most fantabulously done treehouse in all of Second Life. Without a doubt the best treehouse I've seen. Not sure how sex toys end up in a treehouse, but we all did things as children that perhaps we shouldn't have so maybe a treehouse is a perfectly appropriate spot for some sexual experimentation. Who am I to say.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Sex toys. We need them.

Eden Fantasys has a WIDE variety of sex toys to choose from, but here's the twist. Not only can you buy genitalia, sexual equipment and poses for your avatar.. you can ALSO buy sex toys for your lovely physical self at their website. Now, here's where I'm going to say that I usually detest the marketing schemes of people directing people to out of world sales for your 'physical' self. To me Second Life is all about escaping the real world and anytime I'm linked back to a real website for a 'real' sale, I get irritated. It's disturbing to me to be jostled out of my virtual utopia and told that I should buy something in the physical world. Don't like it - not one little bit. If we're in a virtual environment, keep it here.

That being said.. Eden Fantasys is one place that's got it right. In the treehouse you're shown a myriad of sexual aids all created with prims: dildos, vibrators, etc. If you click on any of these, you are magically transported to the treehouse 'branch' that has these items for sale and you're presented with high-quality photos of each item. If you click on the item, you'll see it enlarged and then be asked if you'd like to be taken to the website where you can purchase it. As a girl who has shopped for her share of sex toys, I gotta say.. that I kind of dig this way of shopping. It's a bit more personal than the website, and I honestly wouldn't mind shopping for some real sex toys this way. Nice job you guys, nice job.

If you're shopping for that special penis or pussy for your avatar, they've got that covered to. Click on your sexual part of choice and be taken to a tree branch and surrounded by sculptured models wearing the parts you've chosen. Talk about a kid in a candy shop!

I think this place is beautifully done. The only issue I have is the spelling mistakes in the name and in their notecards, but .. I'm overly picky about stuff like that. When you're horny and shopping for sex toys, sometimes spelling properly isn't that important.

So if you need a new vibrator, dildo, or anything else sexual for you OR your avatar, come check out Eden Fantasys - you'll thank me later after you're done screaming my name.


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