Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sexstination #5 - Sensual Elements

Sex spot of choice today - Sensual Elements in the GOL Project.

When you teleport to Sensual Elements, you arrive on a lovely wooden deck area in a wooded setting. To your right you'll notice some posted rules, one of which was 'No pictures". I considered trying to get around that by using the argument that they aren't actually 'pictures', but 'snapshots', but decided to obey the rules for once. I must say though, pictures would have been nice because it truly is a very picturesque setting and it would have been nice to let you all see it. I guess you'll just have to go visit yourselves.

There's a teleport on the right side of the wooden decking that takes you to the 'camping' area. Being the naive, foolish girl that I am.. in this wooden setting, for just an instant I thought that perhaps there actually *was* a campground with some facinatingly sexual undertones. Those pup tents can get pretty hot sometimes. But, alas, they actually meant 'camping' in SL terms. Being the curious sort, I teleported up to the camping area and was terribly disappointed. A large platform in the sky, not disguised as anything else, with a large sign and dozens of people perched on the sign, or standing around waiting for a coveted spot SITTING on the sign to make a whopping few lindens every 15 minutes. Maybe this is just me, but if you're running a sex-related sim empire, toss in some free sex poseball sets and make people earn their money in the camping area. At least then those of us waiting for our turn would be somewhat entertained.

The Sensual Elements "Club" area is just down the wooden walkway from where we arrived. The club has a board outside with all of the events for the day posted on it. There were quite a few listed for today including a Catsuit Leather Dance Party! Meeee-YOW! The club features a very large dance floor with dance cages, a bar, and a DJ setup/stage area. One side of the club features live, nude dancers looking for some tips, so if you visit, give it up for the girls. If you're looking for an escort to make your time in Second Life all that you've dreamed it could be, this is a great spot to find one as they've dedicated an entire room to photo after photo of escorts available to make all of your dreams come true.

Not far from the club is another large building called the "Elements Lounge" and for all of you sexual entrepreneurs just looking to make your mark, this building is for SALE! I must say, I was relatively impressed with the inside. Very colorful, fun and fairly well done. It could be nice and has potential. Check it out.

The GOL Project doesn't neglect those of you looking for a shopping fix, either.. oh no my friend. There are many shops too including one of my favorites.. Nocturnal Threads. I think I like that one so much because it always makes me think of sheets after someone has a wet dream. Not to mention, their clothes are crazy, funky, fun. Dig them. Another item of note in the shopping area.. the prim pussy with tintable pubic hair for only L$199! What a DEAL!

If you end up loving GOL so much that you never want to leave, you are in LUCK! With an entire residential area featuring private homes renting for around L$3000/week for between 800-1200 prims, you can truly *live* in GOL and enjoy all they have to offer.


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