Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sexstination #6 - Hedonism

On a tip from a friend, I went to visit Hedonism today. She suggested that I check out the Tiki Lounge there, but I found myself wandering around the entire sim to see everything.

When you arrive at Hedonism, the Tiki Lounge is directly in front of you and up a ramp to an elevated platform. The huge Tiki in front will guide your way so just go where he tells you. The Tiki Lounge is a large dance club and my friend informed me that it's often quite naughty, but I must say that on my visit, everyone was very calm and clothed. I must say I was a bit disappointed, but didn't let that stop me from enjoying myself a bit. There are also spiral ramps in the back of the club that lead you to a loft overlooking the dance floor and there are some 'casino' related games up there so if you're into that.. have at it. I loved the Tiki Lounge most for its tropical atmosphere. It's truly well done and does make you feel like some thought was put into the design, and hey isn't that refreshing.

After my little dancing moment at the Tiki Lounge, I was off to explore the rest of the island. A large (and I mean large) portion of Hedonism is dedicated to all of your sexy shopping needs. There are clothes, shapes, skins, animations, tattoos, and lots of other things included genitalia if you've just met that special someone and have no parts to make your first sexual encounter all it could be.

On the other side of the island, there's a fantastic beach area with a large campfire and lots of beach/lounge chairs. There are also some 'camping' spots, so if you need to make some cash you can do that here, and be surrounded by sexy people all at the same time! I also noticed a large 'Help Wanted" sign there, so if you're a DJ, hostess, dancer or poker dealer (who knew), you can get a real job here and stop wasting your time on that camping towel.

I must say that up to this point, I was feeling a smidgey bit sad that I really didn't see any places to get it on. In a place called 'Hedonism', a girl would think you'd at least be able to throw down with someone if the mood struck you. Then I walked down the beach a bit and breathed a sign of relief as I passed into a fenced area. Here we had a huge hot tub (although the 3-way poseball set in there is deceiving - it's just a snuggling pose), several sex poseball sets scattered a polite distance from each other and designated by a little cute, floaty, double-heart icon near them, and my favorite: the gazebo area with the cunnlingus poseball set in the center and a bunch of 'watch' poseballs around it in a circle. For those of us who enjoy being watched, I gotta say... bit of a turn-on. I did try it out, but when it's just you it's somehow not quite the same.

So my discovery of this area at Hedonsim restored my faith in the sexy. With a great dance club, tons of shopping, a fantastic beach, and sexy sexy spots.. Hedonism is worth a visit. Try out the cunnilingus poseballs - you never know who might be watching.


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