Monday, June 11, 2007

Sexstination #4 - Dark Delights

This exploration certainly did turn out to be unexpected. After searching for some 'animal' sex areas of Second Life, I ended up at Dark Delights.

This spot of sexual shopping delights offers a little bit of everything, but tends toward the more 'extreme' things that are a bit 'off the beaten path'.

Want to be a centaur and have sex with your partner? This is your spot. Always fantastized about having sex with a great dane? You can buy him here. Does it make you wet to think about being overtaken by a 3-headed dog with glowing, evil eyes? Then grab a towel and head on over to Dark Delights.

If the 'animal' thing isn't quite your thing, there's also an entire area dedicated to 'bathroom' play including a shower, toilet, and sink area. In the 'watersports' area, you can also buy a pee bowl and pee helmet as well.

If you're just not able to find that 'special' someone.. be they with 2 or 4 legs, you can also grab the next best thing here... a real doll.

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