Friday, June 15, 2007

the interview - playboy bunny

I had my interview today for the 'Playboy Bunny" position, just a few hours ago in fact. It was a very surreal experience, and I was more nervous than I typically am for a job in the 'real' world! It was crazy!

I want to be a Bunny. I WANT IT. Oh my gosh if I don't get this, I will be so disappointed.

Basically they had us submit a resume and then we stood in a poseball looking f'ing cute as hell while they asked us some questions about ourselves and Playboy and what we thought the position meant. Then they told us we'd hear from them if they were interested.

Oh GOD let them be interested.


cmykdorothy said...

Honey, even the griefer said you were a hottie. I think you've got this cat in the bag.

pixel bailey said...

You were a hottie!!!