Friday, August 31, 2007

Sexstination #12 - Twisted Orchid Fetish and BDSM Club

If you're looking for a classy escort club with a Polynesian them - look no further because the Twisted Orchid Fetish and BDSM Club is the place for you.

After perusing the club from the overhead loft area with a very sturdy safety railing to keep us laggy/clumsy people from tumbling to our deaths onto the club dancers, I wandered around the main level to see what glorious sexy things this club had to offer.

Most of the clubs I've reviewed and visited were very large areas with pretty blatant sexual overtones, but this one was different. In fact at first I was a little confused by it. Twisted Orchid has a raised dance area with poles and chairs and lovely dancers there for you. There are no poseballs scattered about here. No BDSM equipment just sitting around in the main area, and no guys running around with prim penises so large that you're afraid they're going to lose their balance and topple over onto the floor.

This club is a club with escorts for hire and that immediately puts a whole different spin on things. It feels like a combination of a ski lodge and a Polynesian oasis, and yet somehow it works. There's a fetish mall attached just in case you need to dodge off for a last minute item, and there are even free hair, skins, and BDSM equipment available. Also if any of you sexy ladies are looking for a job, Twisted Orchid is hiring for several positions so stop by.

The pricing and 'menu' options at Twisted Orchid are posted on the wall there, so you know what you want and can budget accordingly. Some examples:
Lapdance (5 minutes)L$250, Lesbian Orgy (2 girls) (is it really an orgy with only two girls?).. anyway.. the orgy will cost you L$2400 for 30 minutes and L$4000 for 60 minutes. Need more girls to really make it an orgy worth having? That'll cost you an additional L$1200 per girl, per 30 minutes.

Start saving up those lindens darlings, and if you end up at Twisted Orchid with those lindens burning a hole in your pocket.. my money's on Tracey Mills - she's a hottie and those kisses she was blowing me while I was there were just a glimpse of what she's all about.


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