Monday, September 3, 2007

Get me excited about 'XCite'

Ok friends, here's your chance to give me some input and advice.

When it comes to sex in online environments, I've always been a bit of a purist. I think in some ways it's also been my way of 'weeding out' the people I'd never want to be involved with. If you can't spell, you're not my kind of partner. Sorry. I know it sounds a bit snooty, but I'm a stickler for spelling and grammar so there you have it.

Anyway. I know that about a blazillion people in SL use the "XCite" products. Scripted clits, cocks, nipples, etc. that allow you to interact with other people without actually having to SPELL anything yourself.

I like to think of myself as a very open-minded girl, but I don't get it. I went to the XCite store the other day to look around and see what I'm missing, but I left the store thinking that I needed some additional advice and input from my readers. I don't understand why I need my clit to speak for me. Am I too busy touching myself to type? Am I not a great speller and this is just easier? Is it because it brings another level of intimacy because they're controlled by your partner? Help me understand - I honestly need to understand why this is so popular in Second Life - what am I missing?



Ringo Kawashima said...

I find myself stumped by this, because my own feelings on this matter is paradoxical. I have tons of Xcite! bits, I'm pretty much addicted to shopping there - but I hardly ever use them. I'll try to put down some of my experiences, but it will be a long comment!, so watch out!

I think there are two distinct ways to take slex: as interactive literary erotica (where a set of deft fingers can do wonders!), or as bad yet still interactive porn. I believe it partly reflects how visually oriented a person is (hence I suppose the preponderance of males in the latter group), but also largely on his imagination, and spelling - and typing ability. You just can't paint a good mental image by 30 strokes per minute. (KEYstrokes!)

I love the former. With a good partner, I will type, type, type! and strive to give as much detail my own imagination can provide, to titillate my partner's imagination. I still love some of my Xcite!ables - the non-clickable ones, mostly. My sculptie privates look better than most, my True Love Heart excites my Xcite! clit by catching my emotes, and even on discreet (no talking clit!) the climax animation is a nice illustration in the novellette we weave - a bit of visual spice in the fine course of erotica, serving to either punctuate something I wrote, or trigger something I am yet to write.

Outside the intercourse itself, several of them were quite fun. I have Xcite! nipple clamps with bells on them that jingle with such a delightful sound... and they can have a leash attached, if I ever get into bondage more seriously. Hypnotiser is a neat gadget, I had a friend use it on me once and I experienced such a delightful and intense mix of excitement and apprehension while I was waiting to see what he implanted in my avie's subconsciousness that I rarely feel even in my RL. And I was driven so wild by the sudden low buzz of a remote-controlled vibrating bullet emanating from inside of my friend that I just had to go and buy it the very next day.

On the other hand, I still have some trouble saying no (not being as pretty in RL, I haven't had as much practice :D), and it's a skill I'm only slowly learning now. So sometimes I find myself... too tired to spare the effort to type, to spend my imagination on someone whose only input is to grunt "oh yeah suck my hard meat" or something like it once every couple of minutes. I have actually even literally told someone once or twice to enjoy himself, while I worked on my gadget, uploading textures and touching up scriptcode. They were happily switching poses on the sexgen and clicking on my bits next 15-20 minutes before disconnecting... I must admit it did excite me somewhat, being their lifeless doll and getting used that way, being a subbie and not entirely non-visual :)... but at the same time it was a bit pathetic to watch, too, at the sheer zeal those people exhibited playing with what was in the end an inanimate object, however interactive.

YMMV, I guess...

Das said...

I bought their X3 cock along with some attachments like the HUD and some others. I went for Xcite because their's was the name that I heard most and i didn't wanted to spend money on something that didn't delivered what was promised. Needless to say, almost immediately i went into the override option.

The thing that i liked in their was their clothing line where the other person has the option of taking off or ripping off etc, but then, whats the point of being in SL if you really want to get stuck with just one designer's clothing line.

Das said...

@ Ringo's comment: Lol at the dude playing with ur avi while u did other stuff.....

btw, is there anything out there that gives entire control of yourself to the other person? I mean for instance the person can grab you and take you from point A to B or make you change positions according to what they want without they typing and you doing it? You know, in a force roleplay situation?

Ringo Kawashima said...

@Das: There are [Sorry for hijacking the thread, Pixel! :D], but there are no ways to animate another avie against their will. Either the other person needs to give permission (as with various hug attachments), wear another item (such as collar - good collars have many animations built in which their owners can trigger), or sit on something (the approach used by sexgen beds, or hand-in-hand romantic walk attachments).

pixel bailey said...

Das, that'll be enough of your chattering back and forth and hijacking the thread!!

I'm just kidding :) chatter away all you'd like, that's the whole point of a blog - interaction.

I think you both make excellent points here. Slex truly *is* interactive porn.

Ringo, thanks so much for your insight into why people might use the XCite products instead of just typing things out - it really did help me to understand how they could be used to heighten arousal. I don't have any personal experience with the products, so input like that is wonderful and really explains the popularity of them.

If anyone else is using the XCite products, let me know why and how they make the experience better for you!


Das said...

Sorry Pixel, but I have one more question for Ringo or you or whoever can answer. Collar? What collar? Sorry i am new here, so i dont know. does the collor show or are they invisible? also, where can i get more info regarding this and which are the best collar maker in SL?

pixel bailey said...

Ringo (or anyone else)- input on the best collar makers in SL? Although I suppose maybe that all depends on what you're looking for in a collar.

Most collars are visible and are given to someone from their owner or Master to signify that they are 'taken' or 'owned' by someone. I don't have one myself, but I've seen a lot of people with them, especially in the BDSM areas of SL.

Ringo Kawashima said...

@Pixel: Teehee, I think you're mixing up whose comment is whose. Das is asking about collars, not me :)

Anyway, I do not think Xcite! clicking is anywhere near adequate replacement for typing. But though most Xcite! bits do primarily have the click-instead-of-type purpose to them, that is not why I use them. I almost never click them, past the first i-just-got-a-new-toy phase. I like to think I type rather well; and I tend not to have a hand otherwise occupied, prefering to give my partner full attention.

But take Hypnotiser, for instance, of which I talked about: it allows someone to implant a suggestion into your avie, about which you are given no clue until it is triggered. If you accept to become hypnotised, the person could make you cum at any time with a phrase, or make you scream that you need a cock in you NOW!!! on a cocktail party... the range of things they can make you do is rather limited, but it is the uncertainty and not knowing that are arousing, not the effect itself - and certainly not any clicking, which is non-existent in that particular product. Another bonus, and I hope I won't get misunderstood: while you're in trance, your avie has the most stupid expression ever, like she'll start drooling in just a second... I don't like the torture aspects of BDSM, but I like sex while i'm helpless, and it kind of turned me on... :)

Or, the other day, I was trying to sell my gadget to someone, and suddenly my tummy started buzzing - a friend's way of saying "Hello, I woke up" - and it was really embarassing, and exciting... I had no clue if my present company noticed the sound (he did not set it to strong vibes) or if they recognised what it was if they heard it, but the idea still made me squirm. In both senses :)

@Das: I too have very limited experience with collars - as I said, I am (except for being rather submissive) not into the whole BDSM thing. But in SL BDSM, collars are very visible - in fact, they are worn openly by the slaves/pets, either with pride of being owned, or because not wearing it would displease their Masters/Mistresses. Many are engraved with their Master's name.

This has even spread beyond BDSM communities, as a symbol of Partnership (SL equivalent of marriage), since a ring would be too unnoticeable.

My first direct exposure to a collar came several days ago, when a delightful girl gave herself to me, and dropped a control unit and a manual into my inventory. I have not tried it yet (the manual was hefty, and not a light read to be scanned through during a moment of passion), but apparently I can make her crawl, come to me, follow... many things. But it is not without limits, I can't do anything the collar does not explicitly support - but it is a good collar, and I think I can do a lot with it. Not having any experience with other collars, I cannot compare.

I think it was this one: - but here is one Gorean one three times as expensive:
If such things interest you, your best bet would be to interview people in BDSM communities, for instance the House of V.

pixel bailey said...

Ringo, I wasn't confused, I was hoping you'd be able to answer das' question and I was right! :)

I think I understand more now why these things are used and I can completely respect why people choose to use them. You guys are great!

Das said...

Shit, look at the price of that collar!!!! Thats expensive!! I am not into BDSM and all in RL or SL, but i just looovveeee roleplaying and i've experienced the best roleplayers are those who are into bdsm :)

dandellion Kimban said...

When I was still a noob I was interested in Xcite, it sounded like something more than looped anims which are interesting but which didn't promise me much fun in the erotic part of second life.
But, before I got enough money to get a Xcite, I researched a bit, found that it is all the clicking and spamming the chat when two owners are close enough.
I don't find clicking much interesting, and I certanly do the chat much better that scripted item. At least, when somebody inspirative is around.
I enjoy colaborative sexual fantasies of two avatars. That includes a lot of typing. That does not exclude animations. Working with photography and video in RL makes me kind of sensitive what is going on on the screen, despite the crappy anims. And yes, I try to make a good composition of the scene.
So, I never got myself an Xcite anything. Too much money for someting I'd hardly use.
But now, when I read your comments, it seems there is much more than clicking genitals and scripted chat spamming. I should visit the store one of these days....

pixel bailey said...


I never realized there were the other things involved either. From what I understood it was just a bunch of clicking on buttons and that never seemed very intimate to me. I'm glad I asked this question though, because I'm getting some great input on things I wasn't aware of!

dandellion Kimban said...

I see both of us running to the Xcite shop tonight... just to check what we have missed. *giggles

Lillie Yifu said...

The HUD is one important part of the xcite experience, because it creates a flow of communication about arousal, and what you like and don't like.

The other part is the ability to imagine the other person, tracing the mouse over and over again, and knowing that it is with soft intent to probe and a desire to reach through the screen.

Yak said...

Used Xcite! from day one in SL, but recently have completely abondoned rhe scripted arousal...

An eye opener... back to creative, fullfilling, in-touch-with-real-time, communication with my partners...

It's about peoples arousal, not about two indicators in the HUD.

The verbal gets so pushed away by Xcite! arousal and the synchronisation with the partner suffers...

So three red buttons lighting up in my HUD and only using override to control the little fireman.

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