Wednesday, September 26, 2007

King (or is that Queen) of the World

Seems the "King of the World" game in China has banned all accounts of men playing as female characters and now requires players to "validate" their gender via webcam in order to play a female, according to an article posted at boingboing.

God, where do I begin.

I'd guess they'd need to see more than just your face to do this. Would breasts be enough? Would they need to be clothed or naked? Would they require 'genital' validation via webcam, and if so.. how are they proving that you are still who you say you are? Flash your photo ID and then drop your pants all in the same frame? No idea. This is wack.

And.. AND.. why only females? Is it ok for women to portray a man in the game? Does he/she need to provide proof that he really is a male?

I think the gamers just want to see how easily they can get the girls to get naked.

I propose that all the women playing the game simply choose to be a male character and then engage in sexual behavior with all the other men in-game. Maybe you can bond together and wear something in-game to identify you as a female without the knowledge of the game creators. FIND A WORK-AROUND PEOPLE. Don't let those idiots FORCE you into proving you're a female! Tell them to kiss your ass and then turn the tables.

Suck my virtual dick, assholes.


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