Thursday, September 6, 2007

Today's Random Conversation

[6:03] Random girl on a sawhorse: Pixel hepl me
[6:03] Pixel Bailey: Sweetie. Please.
[6:03] Random dude raping girl on a sawhorse: come on , slut ,lick my huge cock
[6:04] Pixel Bailey: Honey, click on 'stand up'.
[6:04] Random dude raping girl on a sawhorse: clean my dirty cock from your ass
[6:04] Random girl on a sawhorse: u really know how to spoil some fun
[6:04] Pixel Bailey: That's me - the fun spoiler.


dandellion Kimban said...

Stupid girl. There are safe-words for those occasions. And how on grid you could know their safe-word? And if you are not in the game, why she called your name? She messed up.

Ringo Kawashima said...

I doubt she wanted to end the scene, dandellion - I guess she was roleplaying, doing something someone in a real rape scene might do. However, just the fact that one is roleplaying does not force everyone around her into the same reality. She should have checked first that Pixel would indeed be a willing participant in her fantasy. Getting angry about out-of-character remark from someone who is out-of-character... that's pretty silly.

dandellion Kimban said...

She didn't wanted to end the scene. But, as you said, addressing somebody who is not in the scene is something not to be done in that case.