Monday, September 10, 2007

Send baby gifts, I'm the proud parent of a baby unicorn!

Ok so after being told about this article on boingboing, I had to have one.

According to the boingboing article, there was a unicorn at Sensual Stoneworks in Second Life that would give you a baby unicorn, but that catch was that you had to have sex with it to get it.

Sensual Stoneworks is, from what I could tell, quite a bestiality haven (who knew!). I saw some plants, some spiders, and of course unicorns all just waiting to have sex with anyone that wanted to use them.

I will say right up front that the whole 'sex with animals' thing just isn't something that creeps me out, so I was totally up for getting a baby unicorn (it's so freaking cute!). I will also say that the vast majority of people I have ever had occasion to deal with in Second Life are the most open-minded, really kind people you'll ever meet. Today was the exception to that rule.

When I got to Sensual Stoneworks and said hi to everyone. I then asked where this magical unicorn was. The people were mean, rude, and generally obnoxious, truly. I was shocked. I've never met people like that in Second Life and let's face it darlings.. if you're spending your time fucking mutant venus flytrap plants in a stone pit we really needn't be throwing stones, hmm?

Anyway - after telling my lovely friends that they were all assholes, I managed to do a lot of clicking, get the poseball I needed to show up (it's 'checkmate', btw) I got my baby unicorn. You do have to be patient and let the unicorn use you for a couple minutes, but you'll be rewarded in the end.


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