Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sweet, Sweet Jesus

I think I'm a pretty sexual girl and not afraid of trying new things or being 'disgusted' or 'grossed out' by some things that people might think are 'weird' or 'different'. I'm all about the masturbation and I embrace my sexuality like it was my lifeline to this world. I love erotic art and erotic fiction and I think the sex in Second Life is fantabulous.

All in all, I enjoy sex, I enjoy doing different things and learning about different things. I think that even if a certain aspect of sex isn't your 'thing' there's no reason not to at least respect that some other people have an interest in it and maybe try to understand.

I've read a lot of erotic fiction, and I have watched a *lot* of porn. I love it and sometimes I can't get enough. In my porn watching, I have always been completely fascinated with women that were able to ejaculate, because it was never something I had experienced. I loved watching them, and seeing that release and the look in their faces. I loved the physicality of that gushing liquid and seeing those juices pooled up around them. I wanted that.. if only once, just to experience what that must be like.

I spent years reading about it, watching videos, studying the technique, learning how to accomplish this amazing feat. As the months passed, I became more and more frustrated that my g-spot was not cooperating with me and although I could get wetter than the amazon, I was never able to squirt my own come across the room. I tried and I tried. I did exactly what those books, articles, and advice columns said to do - but no go.

Until today. Today, during a routine and typical masturbatory session, as I neared the point of orgasm, my beautiful, cooperative g-spot loved me like it has never loved me before, and for the first time, Ms. Pixel Bailey gushed her gorgeous juices all over the place. I was so shocked that this had finally happened for me that I laid there on the floor, laughing and laughing, so amazingly proud of myself that I could hardly stand it. After basking in the glow for a few minutes, I collected myself, cleaned up and sighed a very happy sigh.

After about 20 minutes, I started thinking that perhaps this new talent was a one-time deal. A fluke. Never to happen again. I started to worry. I decided that I should probably give it another 'go' just to see - to make sure.

It wasn't a fluke, and Pixel Bailey is a new woman.



dandellion Kimban said...


cmykdorothy said...

fucking fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Pixel...see what happens when you "apply" yourself? As a man, I'm jealous ;)

Garrett Larkham

Roisin Hotaling said...

Amazing! (I've had it happen a few times too)

Das said...

Oh wow!!!! Really?? Damn!!! Amazing!! Men who can watch you do it are lucky SOBs ;)

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Doesn't it feel awesome?


Anonymous said...

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