Saturday, September 15, 2007

Where are the virtual abortion clinics?

Search for 'pregnancy' in Second Life and you're presented with dozens of options. Looking for a pregnancy shape? Some baby furniture to outfit your darling one's nursery? Some maternity clothes to keep you looking your best while you're waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive? Well, you can find it and you can find a lot of it.

But, search for abortion.. and you get nothing. There are four people (at last search) with 'abortion' as part of their avatar name, but that's it. Nothing else.

Now, you and I both know that not everyone that 'decides' to get pregnant in Second Life actually goes through with all of it and has that baby and then takes care of it. Seems to me there's a lot of dumpster dumping of babies in Second Life that no one's talking about. Babies can suffocate if they're left in your inventory, you know.

So with all of these pregnancies that didn't manage to end in a 'birth' at one of the many birthing clinics in Second Life it just seems to me that maybe we need to create an abortion clinic where people can go and just 'officially' end the pregnancy .. in the open.. with no regrets .. instead of just tucking that belly or prim baby into your inventory under layers and layers of 'objects' and random clothing articles that you never had time to organize.

Second Life is literally, technically and truly all 'pro-choice'. Everything you do in this world is something you've chosen to do. No one can force you to chat, to listen, or to have sex. No one can 'accidentally' get pregnant or raped without their consent.. so, it only seems reasonable that we give people a pro-choice way to end these virtual pregnancies.

Maybe we need an abortion clinic.


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