Monday, September 3, 2007

Sexstination #13 - Dark Bliss Dungeon and Club

You never know what you're going to find when you start searching for sexy spots to explore in Second Life, so today when I teleported to the Dark Bliss Dungeon and Club, I was anxious to see what I'd find. I must say that this girl was pleasantly surprised.

Dark Bliss is a multi-level, multi-room, sexy people's dream place. From what I could tell, there's something for everyone, including the obligatory 'bathroom' scene, but with a better bathroom than I've seen in a few other places.

I was a little confused when I first got there, because there's one large room and you think that's all there is. There's a red, semi-transparent curtain with some vendors behind it selling fetishwear and BDSM equipment. I was happy with the 'feel' of the club and yet a little disappointed that it wasn't larger (but it's not about size, right?). I was, however, very very mistaken in my initial assumption that this was a small, one room club. Oh no my sexy friends, there's much more to the Dark Bliss than one room.

I'm a 'camming' fiend, and I'm constantly camming around to see behind walls - I guess it's the voyeur in me - but in doing so, I found all of these other rooms that are part of the club. I did, at a later point, notice the teleportation system from room to room, but I was having more fun just camming into a room and then 'sitting' on a poseball to enter. It's a sneaky thing to do, and one reason that 'locking doors' in Second Life are a complete joke.

Anyway, there are bunches of rooms on many levels here. It's not a super crowded club, but there were several people that I ran into during my visit. It does seem to be extremely popular with the European crowd which is something I haven't noticed a lot of in the other clubs I've mentioned.

The Dark Bliss Dungeon and Club in Hubbard is a fantastic spot with a warm, rich feel. Deep red curtains, lots of large beds, poseball carpets all around, and even a dance area make this a club that has moved onto my list of favorites.

Nicely done.


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