Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Product Review - Guest Post!

One of my loyal readers emailed me with some incredibly detailed and in my mind, pretty freaking impressive, product reviews of sex beds/rugs/etc in Second Life. With her permission, I'm posting her reviews here, in their entirety.

Product review by Tatiana Lytton:
Chantal's - the ones everyone gets in their rental apartments. Feh. Uninspired. By current standards of animation, very lacking. Even the newer models, at about 4500L, with the horrible porny built-in sounds are feh, with unimpressive animations. No experience with customer service.

Devpose. Much better. Limited numbers of animations, and position adjustment stinks, but miles ahead of Chantal. Customer service is spotty, but helpful, when you can get hold of them. Their distinct bias towards BDSM can be off-putting, but the vanilla version at 1900L is lovely as a first sl bed.

Neva Naughty - pretty good! The attachable sexx drive is rather a bomb, and not worth the huge price, but the snuggles are good, and the love poses are nice, if not the most engaging. They replaced a lost, and rather expensive item very readily when it vanished during the "don't rez things" bug period. I bought a hammock with most of their nicest stuff built in recently for 900L. Recommended.

Strokerz Sexgen - why do these cost so damn much? 12000L? Yeah, the do a lot, but the animations seem dated. Between Chantal and Devpose. The menus are very awkward.

Pondlife. Wonderful stuff. Best cuddles and kisses in the biz. The Deluxe Friends and Lover's blanket costs a bomb, about 3500L, but is totally worth it. Wonderful. Adjusting positions on the blankets is a snap, but on the very impressive new Boden bed (7000L!!) seems nearly impossible without real determination. Still wonderful. Very nice Asian versions of their furniture as well. Eladon Galsworthy sets the standard for best customer service - he's replaced items twice now that were lost during service glitches. Friendly, always ready to help with product advice.

Lover's Playground - the current state of the art. Outstanding. Astonishing when first encountered, some of the animations are amazing. The packaging is great, too - the big circular (Gorean?) curtained beds create a lovely atmosphere of decadent luxury, and the rug choices are great. Did they have to kill all those polar bears? There's a sex kitchen, a Love Bug VW - quite creative. Top of the line is 6000L, and for a visual type of sl love person, probably completely justified. Comes equipped with a cute and useful box of toys. Customer service is good, Lionna Dumouriez responds promptly and helpfully.

I'm a fan of at least some of the Xcite toys. I think they add a lot to the visual experience - I usually turn off the silly dialogue though. A pretty, appropriately tinted, adjustable-tilt penis is so much more fun than some crude schlong device that comes out one's back in the throes of virtual passion. Combined with a really nice bed from Lover's Playground - the experience can be wonderful.
:: end review::

Feel free to post your comments here and give us YOUR perspective on the best/worst sex beds in SL, or feel free to IM in-world too!



Roisin said...

Your timing with this is perfect--just when I was thinking about buying a bed or having good animations added to my current bed! Thanks!

Victorria Paine said...

Definitely spot on with the Lover's Playground beds ... I have one of the f/f round "Gorean" style ones, and it's amazing. It's like a big red cocoon.

pixel bailey said...

I agree! Great post, great insight.

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