Saturday, November 17, 2007

Toxian City - Roleplaying Part #3

After my tour of New Olympus, Petite Pixie offered to show me around Toxia, or "Toxian City". Since I was eager to have a tourguide, I happily took her up on her offer and we were on our way.

The arrival at Toxia is on a pier and the first thing I noticed was the lag. There's some significant lag here so just be prepared for it. Don't think you're going to get yourself in a situation and then just run away really quickly cause that sure as hell won't happen. According to Petite, "Toxia is based on a city that had a major chemical and biohazard accident and people mutated or died. So a lot of creatures and things that go bump came and took over." A lot of the roleplaying areas also allow combat and Petite mentioned that the The DCS2 combat system was made by and for the owners of Toxia and is now available to any sim that would like to use it free of charge. She said it's is the best system in SL because it can be configured by the sim owners and it has a lot of options. I'll take her word for it, but if you're interested in fighting there's a DCS2 store located right near the entrance.

There's a library on the main street and I really liked this spot. It's warm and cozy and seems a lovely place to curl up with a good book. Toxian City also has all of the 'standard' thing that I'm starting to see at all of the roleplaying areas including different 'headquarter' buildings for the different groups and factions that exist. There was also an apartment building for those who want to live here, along with a hospital, church, graveyard and "porn" shop. In my opinion, the porn shop needs to get some more merchandise. If I moved to Toxia I'm afraid I'd go unsatisfied because the selection is fairly sparse.

My favorite place in Toxia, however, is The Haven. Haven is a bar or a 'safe spot' in Toxia where no fighting occurs and you can just dance, relax, and hang out with other people. I spent some time in Haven tonight and even though I'm not a Toxian Citizen and have only visited twice, I felt perfectly at home and completely comfortable. I guess the name is appropriate. It's always been my feeling that any community is only as good as the people and from what I can tell, Toxian City has some pretty fantastic people and seems abundantly tolerant of the different groups that call it home.

Petite mentioned that "the cool thing is all of this is out of pocket and not intended to make profits. You have to love what you're doing to have a roleplay and for profit malls and RP don't mix.". I have to say that I completely agree with her, and we see this over and over and OVER again in Second Life. When we're trying to create spaces and environments where we can interact and escape, and immerse ourselves in these worlds, the last thing we need is commercialism screaming to be heard. I think the mix can really work when it's done right and Toxia does it right.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Toxia and in all honesty, before my trip there this evening I was more nervous about being at Toxia than I was at Midian because it felt much 'darker' and more frightening to me. Luckily, I met some great people and now my viewpoint has changed. Gotta love the human aspect.


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