Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tour of Apocalypse - Midian Part #1

Thanks to the glorious Camilla Moore, I was able to get a tour of the Apocalypse sim tonight which is part of Midian City (Thank you Zaphod!! ;)). Camilla was incredibly gracious in showing me around and explaining things to me.. I must say.. I had *no* idea that so much was going on in this area. I'm beyond impressed.

All the roleplaying in these areas was something I really had no grasp on and was super intimidated by, but Camilla says everyone is actually very sweet, so that made me feel a bit less scared about it.

We walked all over Apocalypse and I saw the "Four Horsemen Bar" whose owner is apparently a 'very bad man' and a notorious rapist and sadist. Hmmmm. :) Camilla said every bar is ownd by some faction or group in Midian. Who knew!

I also saw the KAOS radio station (SO COOL) and the Legion Bunker and HQ. I was in the base people. IN THE BASE. Camilla said they do experiments down there to "midian victims". I believe her. I saw the autopsy tables.

There are rentals there, and I saw the park (and a secrety spot too!).

There wasn't time to tour the Midian City sim, but what I've seen so far has blown me away. The details of the build itself are just phenomenal and the different groups/factions/storylines happening in this sim are just beyond anything I'd imagined.

I'm incredibly impressed.. and this was just half the tour! Can't wait!


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