Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's *good* to have an Obsession...

For those of you that are fans of BDSM and are familiar with "Bound and Determined" or "B&D" as we like to call it... you likely are familiar with Sefris Wendt, creator of the original B&D club. Sefris had B&D when it was a great hangout, when people felt comfortable there, and when I enjoyed going there.

If you haven't been to B&D recently, you're in for a shock. It's big, it's overwhelming, and it's commercial. I totally understand that the commercial aspect is there to pay for and support the club, but still.. ick. There's no love in that. B&D now is a giant warehouse of dorks and newbies and it's lost the charm for me.

The good news is that my dear friend, Sefris Wendt, is bringin' sexy back with his new club.. (and God bless him for giving me the scoop and letting me announce the name here first...) Obsession.

Sefris took me on a tour of the new place this evening and was kind enough to tell me a bit about his vision (which, by the way, I fully agree with).

According to Sefris, he's trying to, "find a nice fusion between class and BDSM", with the new club. In talking about the new feel and atmosphere, he also mentioned that, some of the things he likes sexually, probably more than anything else.. are "contrast and conflict.. like.. being here and wanting to feel the class,but having so much more right under the surface wanting to get out.".

One of my favorite spots at the old B&D was "Hard Alley", a rough-feeling 'street scene' with poseballs and 'sex graffiti' on the wall. Sefris plans to take this one step further with Obsession. Not only does he plan to have his own version of "hard alley", but his plans include actual construction of an alley behind the club so that you really do need to go downstairs, outside, and behind the club to enjoy this spot. I dig that.

Obsession is not your 'typical' sex club and I think we can all thank our respective higher powers there. Sefris hopes to attract a more 'upscale' or 'classy' clientele for this spot and I hope he succeeds. With shiny wood floors, comfortable furniture, and small rooms off the side, Obsession feels more like a 'home' than a sex club and I think that lends to the intimate, voyeuristic feelings I had while I was visiting.

When you're creating a sex club you really need to consider things like this. Putting in a fireplace and some bookshelves doesn't make a place intimate, nor does it attract intellectuals. It's about space, it's about scale and it's about style. Sefris has it right. He had it right with B&D before it was sold, and he's got another winner on his hands here.

Obsession is planned for opening next week, and keep an eye out for a group dedicated to the space as well. I know that several of you had mentioned to me that you were really looking for a new and classier hangout.. well, it's about to arrive.

You have a great new club in the making here, Mr. Wendt and I must say... I'm obsessed already.



Das said...

Dammit!!! Now i'll have to reinstall SL :( oh well, there goes my schedule again....

pixel bailey said...

Haha, poor das! Whatever will you do! :)