Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sexstination #16 - The Lady Garden

The Lady Garden might be a gentlemen's club, but this girl was fitting in just fine chatting with the gorgeous escorts working there.

Located in Roosa, The Lady Garden is, in my opinion, one of the best escort clubs I've seen in SL. It's small, intimate and classy and the girls were friendly. The color scheme is refreshingly purple/lavender/browns with great lighting. I know a lot of you think that red and black really define 'sexy', but let me assure you.. they don't. The build itself is really done well, and you have a really defined sense of space. It's cozy and really makes you feel at home. It's a small crowd (at least when I was there) and that meant there was more time and freedom to really interact, flirt, and get to know the girls.

In the words of one of the patrons I met there, The Lady Garden has, "chill downtempo music, no crap like camping or sploder, and FUCKING AMAZING GIRLS.". That about wraps it up.

One of the girls, Terri, was exceptionally friendly and more than willing to talk with me about the club. When I asked her what she'd like people to know, she said that there's "a skybox full of outrageous fun toys, scrumptious threesome activities." I was also lucky enough to meet and speak with the owner, Caira, and she showed me the newest area of the club.

With the gorgeous build, fantastic atmosphere, and incredibly friendly people, I have no doubt that I'll be back to visit and hang out at The Lady Garden.


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