Saturday, November 10, 2007

Advice for the Guys, Girls, and Guys pretending to be Girls

Ok so here's the thing.

I've been hanging around the SL sex spots a lot and I've been doing a lot of observing, and I've come to the conclusion that maybe some guys just need some help.

It's interesting that if you do a search for 'sex' and teleport to the first place you see, you will find a MILLION 'newbies' there using the 'free cock' just walking around praying to God they will find some newbie female willing to click on a poseball and make their online fantasies come true. If they're lucky, she might even be able to spell and will thrill them with some occasional chatter about how good he is, or how close she is to coming.

If you're willing to venture away from just the 'sex' search and you know to search for 'fetish' or 'bondage' or anything a step up from 'sex', then you'll find some spots with a much different clientele. You'll rarely find newbies in these spots - and by newbies I mean people that LOOK very much like a newbie with the default look. You will also, I've noticed, find a lot of people DESPERATE to look like what they think a "Master" should look like. Apparently when most people think "Dom" or "Master" they immediately think long black hair, lots of black leather, bling, and either no shirt at all, or a lovely black leather vest. These men attract women with the same sense of style.

You'll also find the occasional 'businessman' in these areas. Neatly dressed in a suit and likely hoping to attract the 'intelligent' girls. I met one of these men yesterday, and from personal experience, they also seem to have a bit of an attitude and an arrogance that makes them think you'll fall all over yourself to be with them.

From my observations and travels, I've come up with some advice that I'd just like to pass along to everyone wanting to meet someone else in a sex spot in SL.

1. Be different. If you dress like everyone else, you'll never be noticed.

2. Buy some good skin, a good shape, and some great hair. I know it's superficial, and I know that we shouldn't care about those things in a virtual world, but we do.

3. Guys.. if you want to be a "Master" or a "Dom", please.. PLEASE, adjust your shape so that you're at least as tall as we are. Girls just aren't attracted to guys that are shorter than we are. If you're going to want us to look up to you we kind of need to be able to ... you know.. look UP to you.

4. Girls. For the love of God, do not buy a no-mod shape, AND.. if you DO insist on doing that, please.. PLEASE do NOT buy a shape that makes you look like a praying mantis. No tall spindly legs and huge giant breasts with no hips. Come on.

5. Spelling and grammar. Please - make an effort.

6. Do not assume that just because we're standing there looking fantastic that we're waiting to have sex with you.

What have I forgotten?


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