Friday, October 12, 2007

hoppin' down the bunny trail

I realized I'd never posted an update about my Playboy Bunny experience and figured I should, so here it is.

If you recall, I was f'ing focused on getting hired by the Playboy corporation to be a 'virtual' bunny for them, and managed to get the job. If I do say so myself, I made a hell of a bunny. I was sexy, but not the 'model' type.. friendly, helpful and damnit.. just plain fun. I had a blast wearing the 'bunny suit' and representing Playboy in SL.. for about 2 weeks.

You know that whole 'grass is always greener' thing? Well, same thing goes for bunnies. The grass in the Playboy meadow was so f'ing delightful that I *had* to have it. Once I was there, hoppin' around the fields with the other bunnies for a while.. suddenly the grass on the OTHER side of the fence started looking pretty damned tasty. Seems the Playboy corporation really didn't take care of their grass as much as you might think and it started making the bunnies sick. The bunnies tried to tell the farmer how to make the grass better and how to attract more bunnies, but the farmer told the bunnies to shut up and eat the grass they were given.. but only half as much as they were given to start with. Ok enough of this.. it's making my head hurt.

I was hired by Playboy, as was my good friend. We were *psyched*, baby. PSYCHED. This was f'ing fab, working for Playboy. But, turns out.. that not many people came to the Playboy sim, and when they did, they weren't greeted with the 'mansion' like you'd hope for.. they were greeted with a huge-ass store selling overpriced merchandise. The grotto was there.. but not very well done and not the sexy grotto people are used to. So, over time.. it was more and more boring, and we felt more and more used and 'not listened to'.

I'm not one for keeping my mouth shut about things when I'm right so I emailed the guy that brought Playboy into SL and told him *exactly* what he needed to do to make Playboy ROCK in SL. He didn't listen. He's a guy, he's the head of a company, I'm just a stupid insignificant girl working as a bunny... what do I know. Well. I've been in SL for years and I know what works and what doesn't work.

Playboy needed/needs to bomb that build and start over. Build the mansion. With gates. You arrive at the gates and are greeted by a bunny who then escorts you to the mansion itself. With night lighting and a pool with underwater lighting. The grotto is there too.. in all its glory. There are bunnies, with trays of drinks doing the 'bunny dip' and actually conversing with you like they have half a brain in their heads. There's fantastic live music, and an exclusivity and sense of style you can't get anywhere else in SL. The mansion includes many rooms for socializing and perhaps even some for merchandise - but this merchandise is priced competitively and is well crafted. This would work and this would make Playboy something special.

I'm no longer a bunny and frankly, I don't miss it.


Anonymous said...

Very very wise Pixel.

New management have picked things up, but to just another SL dance club scene.

No one has seen the big picture, the potential. Who in the RL would not want to go through the mansion. SL is probably our only chance.

Tnx Pixel sorry it didn't work
Cliff hotaling

dandellion Kimban said...

It is always interesting to watch those bif corporate boys trying to teach you about the world they've just entered. Especially, when that world is your home. Lots of fun and lots of wasted money and time.