Thursday, October 11, 2007

Arse Electronica and Fuckzilla - yum.

Arse Electronica - a conference about porn and tech was held recently in San Francisco. I wish I could have gone, but instead I'm going to live vicariously through other people's experiences, blogs, and photos.

Two of the coolest things I've read about from Arse Electronica were 'Moaning Lisa' and 'Fuckzilla'. Moaning Lisa was a mannequin wired so that if you touched her in certain erogenous zones she would moan in response. Cool shit that could perhaps be used as a training tool for men who just don't 'get it', but my guess is that most men visiting Arse Electronica probably 'get it'.

"Fuckzilla" was a robot fucking machine. They asked for volunteers to be fucked by a robot and one lucky girl was placed on a table behind a sheet and had the experience of a lifetime ending in a tremendous orgasm and an ejaculation seen from behind and above the sheet thanks to Fuckzilla.

Sounds like a great conference to me.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

How do you think credit crunch affected porn?