Tuesday, December 11, 2007

who doesn't like cupcakes..

In honor of Rachel Kramer Bussel and her cupcake blog, I'm posting a poem I wrote about cupcakes a while ago. Enjoy. :)

Cupcake Anticipation

That creamy, silky goodness
That's swirled all on top
I just can't wait to put my tongue
And lick it up

So so sweet like candy
And dripping down the sides
One little taste is all it takes
To feel that cupcake high

So hard to keep from tasting it
So close and yet so far
Sitting on that counter
Next to the cookie jar

That zig-zag silver wrapper
Holds all that yum inside
If I peel it back, just a little teeny bit
I'll have to make it mine

I can't just let it sit there
That would just be wrong
Someone else might take it
When I've waited so long

C'mere you little trollop
Our time has come at last
I'm peeling back that silver
But I won't eat you fast

I'll wrap my teeth around you
And sink my teeth in slow
Icing all over my lips
And on the tip of my nose

Dear God it tastes like heaven
Each delicious bite
I think I need a cigarette
And more cupcakes for tonight.

- 8/22/06

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Cakespy said...

Brilliant. I don't know what else to say!