Sunday, December 2, 2007


Ok so.. London Spengler has 'tagged' me. I've been tagged once before, although not in this blog and I recall not being thrilled about it then either. ;) I'm happy to reveal my 'eight random facts', but I kind of draw the line at tagging eight other people.

Eight random facts about me:
1. Not so fond of the 'tagging' thing.
2. I love coconut chip ice cream
3. I hate being told what to do
4. In Second Life, I live in a fantastic penthouse built for me by a real-life friend I've known for 15 years.
5. I'm an incredibly emotional person.
6. I love.. and hate... very deeply
7. I love cupcakes
8. I believe in Karma and I think some people are heading towards some major karmic paybacks.


1 comment:

London Spengler said...

If I knew you had already been I whouldn't had tried but, of course,there was no hint of it on your blog.

Anyway, thanks for playing and sorry about tagging you, I promise to behave in the future :-p.