Friday, February 22, 2008

sex toys = beautiful things

I'm still alive. I know I've not been as chatty as usual, but that offline world has sucked me in lately with a new job, new responsibilities, projects to plan and lots to learn. It's all good though, so it's ok.. just means that lately I've had less time to speak to all of you. I still love you though, I promise.

To show how much I love you, I'm going to tell all of you girls a secret. You boys can know this too.. it won't help you directly but it's good to know in case you want to tell your girlfriends, wives, or whatever else you've got goin' on.

I'm not sure who first told me about this magnificent line of sex toys. It might have been Violet Blue or aag.. I can't remember and I love them both so it doesn't really matter. The beautiful secret is a company called Lelo and my latest favorite thing in the world is this.

If you're a loyal reader you'll remember that I blogged a while ago about my first true ejaculatory experience. Since then it's really been a love/hate kind of deal for me. More often than not.. it was hate. I could NOT get that to happen again no matter how hard I tried. Same technique, same position.. no go. I was feeling a little more than frustrated to be honest with you but I decided that if it happened then, surely it would happen again at some point in the future so I relaxed a bit.

Since I recently broke my favorite vibe (don't ask).. I decided it was time to purchase some new ones. I got the Gigi, and this. Since today is a vacation day for me, with snow falling outside and nowhere to go for most of the day, I decided to give these new toys a whirl. After soaking a towel AND the foot of the bed, I am happy to say that my ability to squeal and squirt at the same time has triumphantly returned and all is well with the world!!

I highly recommend these products and I want to thank either Violet or aag for talking about this line of toys. You're both fantastic.

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AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Glad you loved them! I think we both probably talked about them at some point or another. They're fabulous toys.