Saturday, January 26, 2008

What is going *on* with this country?

So I'm scanning news headlines this morning and run across this one:

"Nude buttocks may cost ABC $1.4 million"

So of course, I'm intrigued and I start to read the article. Turns out that ABC, in some episode of NYPD Blue, showed "
"multiple, close-up views" of a woman's "buttocks", and now, they're being fined by the Federal Communications Commission.

The agency states this was indecent because you cannot show "sexual organs and excretory organs, specifically an adult woman's buttocks".

................. 'scuse me?

Since when are 'buttocks' a sexual organ? I mean, there's nothing quite like running your hands over someone's ass, or digging your fingers into those sweet, sweet ass cheeks and pulling someone closer to you, against you... but they are NOT a sexual organ. What the hell.

I could understand that someone's anus might have some sexual connotations but STILL.. even then.. not a 'sexual organ'.

You know, we go along living our lives, knowing that our government really isn't fantastic, and that stuff is majorly screwed up, and that certain people have really fucked up our country recently, but still there's always the thinking that 'well, it's not THAT bad.."

Well you know what? Yes it is. It is THAT BAD. This is just one shining example of how fucked up this country is. Since f'ing WHEN are buttocks a 'sexual organ' and you know what.. even if they WERE.. WHO THE FUCK CARES IF WE SEE THEM ON TV!!!!! First of all, at the time NYPD Blue airs, it's after bedtime for kids. So, if you don't have your kids in bed and they just happen to see someone's BUTT.. then that's your own damn fault. Teaching our children (and adults for that matter) that there's something 'wrong' or 'bad' or 'dirty' about our bodies is probably the worst thing we can do. This is what leads to such screwed up people in our country and you can bet your ass that in other countries television stations aren't getting fined for showing someone's butt on television.

Shit like this makes me nuts.



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