Friday, January 4, 2008

I'm going to count backwards from five..

A friend recently told me about 'HypnoDolls' in SL so I went exploring today. HypnoDolls is selling 'hypnotic' machines that are meant to put the user into a trance or hypnotic state by the use of text, audio and visual stimulus. They sell scripts for the machines, most of which are 'adult' or 'fetish' oriented, according to their FAQ notecard.

Now, I'd run into a guy at a BDSM club recently who was explaining to me that he uses hypnosis to get his sub to do as he asks and I must admit, I was highly skeptical just because I guess I've seen too many roleplayers and liars that I have difficulty believing that everyone I meet online is honest and truthful and are telling me things I can believe without a doubt. I do not doubt for one second that he truly believes he is hypnotizing women, but I'm hesitant to say that I believe that's truly what's going on. I won't say that he's lying because I certainly am in no position to make that judgement - maybe he IS actually hypnotizing women, and maybe I'm too cynical about it to even allow it to happen to me.

That being said, I had no idea there were actual machines for hypnosis being sold in SL.

I stopped by today and cammed onto the machine and I have to say that I honestly did feel myself drifting away a bit just watching the visuals on the thing. It's very relaxing and calming and pretty cool, I think.

Another neat thing I learned from their notecard is that they're very open to allowing people to create scripts for this machine and then allowing you to sell them in the store and splitting the profits with you 50/50. That's not a bad deal. Also, if you're a scripter into this kind of thing, from now until April 1, anyone submitting a script that is *not* sexual in nature (weight loss, smoking cessation, gambling (?), etc) will receive 90% of the profits if the script is sold in the store. Sweet.

Are any of you out there using these hypnosis machines? Are any of you doing any hypnotizing or allowing others to hypnotize you? Does it work? I'd love to hear your experiences - I'm still on the fence with this one so the more I can learn about it the better!


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