Friday, January 11, 2008

Updates at Obsession

After performing last week at my favorite sex club in SL.. Obsession, Mr. Wendt decided to 'change things around a bit' and he's managed to make my favorite spot even more fantastic. He's moved some things around, added some things, and made what was great.. even better.

I'm posting some photos here so you can see what you're missing if you haven't been there yet:

I love bathrooms in sex places. I do not, however, like walking out of them feeling as though I just caught a case of virtual crabs because they're always covered in filth. Why *is* that? People.. "DIRTY" does not mean .... dirty. I can be just as dirty in a sparkling clean bathroom than I can in a filthy one.

Sefris and some helpers have updated the 'Back Alley' too. This is probably my favorite spot of Obsession. Try the cab.. it's fantastic.

Where can I take you?



Stacks Aplenty said...

Hello Pixel! I just happened across your blog and have enjoyed what I've read so far. (I'm at work at a public workspace, so I have to watch my back.) I totally agree with you about bathrooms at sex places. I LOVE sex in a bathroom in SL. Back alleys, too. And Dr. Offices. Um, that cab looks pretty tempting too! xoxox Stacks Kowalski

pixel bailey said...

Hey Stacks! Thanks for reading and commenting! Obsession is a great place. I love that it's "different".